Buzz Williams to Ohio State Rumor

Tim Thomas

The Ohio State Buckeyes shocked the college basketball world this past week when it was announced that Thad Matta was stepping down as head coach effective immediately with it appearing that Matta was forced out to an extent. Buzz Williams’ name was thrown out early on as a name that Ohio State may reach out to gauge interest.

While most didn’t expect Williams to be involved with this job, it appears that there may be some interest.

Mark Titus is a writer for The Ringer, the site owned by Bill Simmons after he left ESPN. Seeing a national writer with this type of information is definitely interesting but the fact that this is coming from Fred┬áHoiberg definitely isn’t a confirmation of interest from Williams but more of a signal that Ohio State is seriously looking at the Hokies’ head coach. It remains to be seen how serious this is but this definitely gives the Buzz to OSU rumor a little more legs.