ESPN Blacksburg Early July Recruiting Preview Segment

Tim Thomas

After running our article previewing what Virginia Tech may do in early July yesterday, we joined Paul VanWagoner on ESPN Blacksburg to talk about the Hokies’ prospect for guys like Alan Tisdale, Caleb Steward, and more who are close to decisions along with a couple of other recruiting notes on guys like Kalon Gervin and Rasheed Walker.

You can follow this line to take a listen right here and go to the “Tech Lunch Pail” segment (unfortunately, we can’t add the audio in here)¬†and check out our early July recruiting preview article here.

FYI, the recruiting talk starts around the 5:45 mark (there’s some random talk about a possible Shark Tank idea beforehand but if you’re interested only in the recruiting talk and not that, jump ahead to about 5:45).

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