Virginia Tech-Duke Gametime Announced

Tim Thomas

So far, Virginia Tech hasn’t had a single noon kickoff this season with the earliest home kickoff coming at 2pm against Old Dominion.  The Virginia Tech-Duke game had a large potential to be a noon kickoff, but that won’t be the case.

Virginia Tech-Duke will kickoff at 7:20pm next Saturday night on the ACC Network. This is the second home night game for the Hokies this season and the first night game on the ACC Network this season.

If there is a place to go for your first night game broadcast of the season, Lane Stadium is about as good of a place to be. Night games have always been crazy inside Lane Stadium and this feels like the type of game that has traditionally been on a Thursday night.

This being a night game should help the Hokies’ motivation as there is a serious danger of overlooking Duke with road games at Miami and Georgia Tech looming.

The Hokies get the regional spotlight with their second night game of the season in Lane Stadium.

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