Hokies Football: A.J. Hughes Kicks Punt Over Lane Stadium Scoreboard

For kickers and punters, practice isn’t usually very complicated for them. All that you’ll normally see them doing is there job, to kick or punt the ball, and maybe some general team stuff. This also gives some of them time to test out their abilities, and see if they can do something really cool.

Yesterday for A.J. Hughes, that meant trying to punt the ball from the practice field over the Lane Stadium scoreboard. After a couple of attempts, this happened.

Hughes has also already hit the ceiling of the Beamer Barn with a punt even though most thought that it was tall enough for that to be impossible.

It’s been a good news week for the Hokies with no new injuries after a dominant victory, plus the even better story of OT Darius Redman buying someone’s meal each day for a week last week and CB Donovan Riley following that example this week.

It’s definitely another great week to be a Hokie.


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