Hokies Football: Transferring LSU QB Anthony Jennings Is Interested in Virginia Tech

Justin Fuente and the Virginia Tech Hokies are at the beginning of a quarterback battle between Jerod Evans, Brenden Motley, and Dwayne Lawson that has the potential to last till fairly close to the start of next season. Fuente likely would prefer to have this starting quarterback battle clear up sooner with someone standing out by a lot, but the Hokies are likely prepared for this to last into the fall.

However, there is a chance that a new quarterback could also end up in the battle in the fall as a grad transfer.

LSU QB Anthony Jennings announced on March 10th that he will be transferring from LSU after this semester and should be eligible to play immediately as a grad transfer after finishing his degree this semester. A source has also told us that Jennings is interested in transferring to Virginia Tech with it being unknown if the interest is mutual.

This is a little surprising to hear about Jennings considering Virginia Tech, but the open quarterback battle in Blacksburg along with Virginia Tech’s spot in the ACC and Justin Fuente’s reputation for developing quarterbacks are likely reasons for Jennings’s interest.

After being the starter in 2014, Jennings lost the starting job to Brandon Harris before last season after not putting up great numbers in 2014 as he had a 48.9% completion percentage with 11 touchdowns, 1611 passing yards, and 7 interceptions. Jennings has not had a great collegiate career, but is still an intriguing player that could make a push for the starting job depending on how things finish up this spring.

The Hokies also have a couple of open scholarship spots after missing on a couple targets on National Signing Day and may be willing to bring another quarterback with experience in to push the current quarterbacks even more and guarantee more depth.

Right now, there are still a lot of unknowns but Anthony Jennings is someone to keep an eye on especially if no quarterback really stands out this spring.


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