Hokies Basketball: Virginia Tech In Top 3 For Delaware PG Kory Holden

With Jalen Hudson and Satchel Pierce transferring away from Virginia Tech, the Hokies have been busy on the transfer market looking for a replacement or two from that area along with looking at some of the best remaining 2016 recruits. Throughout this whole period, the Hokies have had one transfer target that clearly is a higher priority than any other transfer possibility.

Now, the Hokies have made his cut down to three and will get a visit from him.

Delaware point guard Kory Holden has a top three of Virginia Tech, Baylor, and South Carolina after visiting South Carolina and Seton Hall already. Holden will visit the Hokies this upcoming weekend and then travel to Baylor the following weekend before making his decision. Holden will have to sit out next season due to transfer rules, but will then have two years of eligibility to follow.

Holden is ranked as the second-best transfer by ESPN and averaged 17.7 points, 4.2 assists, and 3.0 rebounds in 36.3 minutes per game last season while shooting 39.4% from the field, 38.8% from beyond the arc, and 79.5% from the free-throw line.

Holden is a native of Salisbury, Maryland and the Hokies have the proximity to home advantage if staying in the Mid-Atlantic is a big factor for Holden. Having Holden in town on the same weekend as the Spring Game should also be beneficial as Buzz Williams and his staff will get to show Holden the passion of the Hokie fan base.

The fact that Holden scheduled visits to Blacksburg and Waco after visiting South Carolina and Seton Hall is a sign that the Hokies and Bears may be in the lead over the Gamecocks as long as their visits go well. However, Baylor does have the advantage of getting the last visit from Holden, but the Hokies having Holden in town this weekend is big.

Right now, the Hokies and Baylor seem to be the favorites for Delaware PG Kory Holden, but the Gamecocks can’t be ruled out or even Kansas if things change with other targets of their’s.


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