2022 DB Christian LeBrun Recaps His "Great" First Virginia Tech Visit

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP | Jul 27, 2019
In the buildup to Saturday's Blacksburg Bash, Virginia Tech football hosted a few talented recruits including 2022 DB Christian LeBrun from New Jersey who had a great first visit to Blacksburg. https://twitter.com/609_LeBrun/status/1154894271398518784?s=20 "It was great Coach (Zach) Sparber gave me and my mother a tour of the whole school and football facility and I loved it honestly. I was fortunate enough to speak with Coach (Justin) Fuente and Coach (Justin) Hamilton on what Hokies football is all about," LeBrun said. So what did LeBrun do while on his visit yesterday? "I toured the weight room, the locker room, the indoor facility, and the game field. Then, Coach Sparber took me to see the walls of all the great players that have came through Virginia Tech. Then, we also took a tour around campus to see the engineering buildings, dorms, and business building," LeBrun said. As you can see, defensive grad assistant Zach Sparber led the visit for LeBrun with the talented 2022 defensive back having a chance to spend some time with Justin Fuente during his visit. So how was his time with the Hokies' head coach? "It was good. We talked about when football camp would be starting for me, and this upcoming season and how I’m ready to get after it," LeBrun said. Christian LeBrun also had a great conversation and time with safeties coach Justin Hamilton, his potential collegiate position coach should he end up at Virginia Tech. "It was great. I feel like we really clicked. I could see myself thriving in his system. We talked about how Virginia Tech not only develops you as a player but as a man as well. He explained to me how he likes his DBs to be very versatile so they can be able to be lineup at corner, safety, rover, nickel, and to be able to play that position without hesitating even if that isn’t their primary position which I feel I could do," LeBrun said. His time with the coaching staff was also part of what stood out to him about his Virginia Tech visit. "The hospitality stood out the most to me, the way coaches took there time to really sit down and talk to me to explain their program, and what they look for in a player as far as work ethic and character," LeBrun said. Clearly, the Hokies left a strong impression on Christian LeBrun in part due to the hospitality that came from the coaching staff from Justin Fuente all the way to Zach Sparber running his visit. Unsurprisingly, this visit had quite the impact on his recruitment and view of Virginia Tech. "This visit impacted my view on VT a lot. I didn’t know very much of about VT till I came for a visit but Coach Sparber and Coach Hamilton gave me a better perspective of the school and their football program. As far as my recruitment, it’s still early on but VT has definitely made a big impact on it," LeBrun said. As you can tell, Virginia Tech clearly left a strong impression on him and seems poised to be a major contender in his recruitment. Of course, the biggest question that remains is whether the Hokies are set to offer Christian LeBrun with LeBrun not being exactly sure when an offer comes. However, even if it doesn't come before the start of football season, LeBrun is confident that he'll earn an offer with his play on the field this fall. "I am not sure but after my upcoming season film, I’m sure it will seal the deal!"

Christian LeBrun's Offer List (According to 247 Sports)

  • Big 10: Rutgers
  • AAC: Temple

Photo Credit: Christian LeBrun

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