2021 QB Colten Gauthier Recaps "Great" First Visit to Virginia Tech

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP | May 13, 2019
After receiving an offer from the Hokies earlier this month, talented 2021 QB Colten Gauthier made his first trip to Blacksburg which went quite well to say the least. https://twitter.com/ColtenGauthier/status/1127901069562994689 Gauthier told us as well that it was a "great' visit with "incredible facilities, staff, and location." So what did Gauthier do while on his visit? "I met with the recruiting team, then went to academics. I had breakfast with Coach (Brad) Cornelsen and QB Ryan Willis, took a tour of all facilities, met with Coach (Justin) Fuente for about 1 hour, had a photo shoot, sat with Coach Cornelsen and went over the offense, and then took a tour of the campus." Gauthier's visit was quite substantial but it was the family atmosphere that Gauthier got to see that left the biggest impression. "The way the coaching staff seem to all be a family (stood out). While on my tour of the indoor facility, Coach Fuente's kids and all the other coaches' kids where playing wiggle ball and they all were playing like a big family. During the tour, everyone I spoke to or met treated my family as if we were already there. Very real and true coaches," Colten Gauthier said. One of the things that definitely stands out is the time Gauthier spent together with Brad Cornelsen and Ryan Willis, an opportunity that gave Gauthier a look into hat his relationship with Cornelsen could look like. "It was great. I got to see the interaction between him and Coach Cornelsen. They have a real good and tight relationship and that is one thing I am looking for," Gauthier said. Overall, Gauthier told us that he has built a "really good" relationship with Cornelsen and that he feels comfortable being himself and talking football with Cornelsen. His time with Justin Fuente went even better with Gauthier seeing the Hokies' head coach as someone that he could play for in college. "It was awesome! He is such a great coach and person. My whole family was in there also. He talked to everyone including my sister Kaitlyn. He was really excited to see me in person. We talked about things I enjoy doing away from football such as playing guitar, hunting, and fishing. He talked about all the fishing spots around Blacksburg. Again, I felt very comfortable talking to him and left with a great impression of him. He is definitely someone I could play for," Gauthier said. What's clear is that the Hokies have built strong relationship with Colten Gauthier quite quickly as the Georgia QB has emerged as a clear top 2021 target under center. Gauthier is also gaining offers rather quickly with multiple other Power 5 programs offering him since the Hokies offered including Kentucky, Louisville, West Virginia, Duke, and Boston College. So how did this visit impact his recruitment as a whole? "Well it made me want to come back on another visit and see a game and continue to build those relationships with the staff. I will be back!" Gauthier said. It may be early, but it's quite clear that Virginia Tech will be a serious contender for talented 2021 QB Colten Gauthier.

Colten Gauthier's Offer List (According to 247 Sports)

  • ACC: Virginia Tech, Boston College, Duke, Louisville, Syracuse
  • Big 12: West Virginia
  • SEC: Kentucky
  • Sun Belt: Troy

Photo Credit: Kristie Gauthier

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