Three-Star OG Jesse Hanson Talks About His Virginia Tech Commitment

Three-Star OG Jesse Hanson Talks About His Virginia Tech Commitment

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Feb 15, 2018

Virginia Tech gained a pair of commitments last week from three-star OG Jesse Hanson and three-star CB Mike Sainristil. Both were solid pickups with Hanson making plenty of noise as VT kept the top recruit in Southwest Virginia home after signing James Mitchell and Cole Beck in the 2018 class. Hanson is ranked as one of the top 25 offensive guards and top 15 recruits in Virginia by Rivals, 247 Sports, and the 247 Sports Composite with Rivals ranking him as the 13th best offensive guard and eighth best recruit in Virginia. Recently, we caught up with Jesse Hanson to ask him about his commitment and more. TLP: Why did you choose VT? Jesse Hanson: "VT is just the best place for me. They have everything I was looking for, were able to answer every question I had, and we are going to win championships." TLP: When you say they were able to "answer every question I had", what do you exactly mean by that? JH: "Usually on visits, you find out a little bit more but with VT, they made sure I found out everything. For example, they even told my mom how to get pictures of me when I'm playing and where the parents sit." TLP: Why did you decide to commit now instead of waiting longer? JH: "I said from the beginning that once it became abundantly clear where I'm supposed to be, I'm going to go." TLP: How significant was your relationship with Vance Vice in making your decision? JH: "Very, I'm not going to go somewhere that I don't respect the coach enough to let him rip into me during practice." TLP: How important is it for you to stay home and represent your home state? JH: "It's a big draw. Now that I'm committed, it's my mission." TLP: What would you tell an in-state player who is considering VT in their recruitment? JH: "There is no better place to be. The coaches are great, the football is great, the food is great, the campus is great, the education is great, and we are going to win championships. VT is the place to be. That's what I'd tell them." TLP: Are there any recruits in particular you will be pushing hard for to come to VT? JH: "I want to block for a stud running back and I want other great linemen to play with." We want to thank Jesse Hanson for breaking down his commitment with us and wish him the best of luck going forward.

Photo Credit: @jessehanson72 (Jesse Hanson)

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