Quincy Patterson Talks Elite 11, The Opening, Recruiting Others to VT, and More

Quincy Patterson Talks Elite 11, The Opening, Recruiting Others to VT, and More

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Jun 16, 2017

Quincy Patterson has been one of Virginia Tech's longest commits while also becoming one of the faces of the Hokies' 2018 recruiting class especially since he made this year's Elite 11 class and earned an invite to The Opening. Even though Patterson is from Chicago, far away from Virginia Tech's traditional recruiting territory, the Hokies have not only been able to strongly hold onto him, but the three-star QB has become VT's most vocal recruiter in the Class of 2018. Recently, we had the chance to catch up with Quincy Patterson and ask him some questions from The Opening and Elite 11 experience, to why he chose to publicly reaffirm his commitment when Penn State showed interest and more including the fact that he currently is not planning to enroll early.

Q: What made you commit and stay committed to VT?

A: "Seeing the engineering facility really made me commit. I knew what to expect from the football facility as they're always great, but when going into academics, I was just in awe. "I'm a man of my word so my commitment was me being done, period, and the fact that the coaches aren't going anywhere any time soon and this recruiting g class is really coming together makes it all worth it. Also, the Hokie fans are like no other. It's amazing to be in this position."

Q: Throughout the process, what has stood out to you about VT and not made you rethink or question your commitment?

A: "The coaches have stood out, and the fact that Fuente has signed another contract is huge! It shows that these coaches are serious about VT and aren't going anywhere."

Q: How big of an impact has the Virginia Tech fan base had on your commitment to VT?

A: "After committing, they've really made it to the point where I feel as if I did decommit, I'd be doing myself an injustice not only because of how great the school is but the fans as well."

Q: How much did Penn State reach out to you after losing Justin Fields and how important was it for you to publicly affirm that you were committed and done with the recruiting process?

A: "It actually wasn't a lot of Penn State it was more so the fans... me and Coach Rahne (Penn State's TE coach and Midwest recruiter) have always been close, and he just asked if I was interested and I told him that I was committed and if anything were to ever change, I would let him know and that was the end of our conversation." Knowing that nothing would ever change with my commitment, I soon made the commitment post, and I just felt that it let people know that I was serious about VT and that I'm really not going anywhere even if I blow up like crazy after The Opening."

Q: What was the Elite 11 experience like for you?

A: "It was crazy; it's really a once in a lifetime experience that I wish everybody could experience, but I'm just fortunate enough to have been a part of it."

Q: How much are you looking forward to participating in The Opening?

A: "A ton! It's exciting to know that I was apart of such a rare opportunity at the Elite 11 camp, and now I've basically graduated to an even more rare opportunity, which The Opening is."

Q: You've tweeted at a lot of top VT targets recently or been the first to congratulate a new VT commit, how important is it to you to take on a public role recruiting for VT?

A: "Well I feel that if I am that one person who does reach out to them about coming to VT, they'll see just how serious we are about them and it'll convince them even more to either stay with VT or come join us! Also with my recent success, I feel that helps!"

Q: Are there any guys you are going to be recruiting hard for VT when you're at The Opening?

A: "Every guy that has a VT offer, but I'm really going after Kyle Pitts. We built a cool relationship, and I would love to get him here." We would like to thank Quincy Patterson for taking part in this Q&A and wish him the best of luck at The Opening and with his senior season at Solorio Academy.

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