Shai McKenzie Has Been Charged and Suspended Indefinitely

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomas1996 | Mar 04, 2015
The Virginia Tech Hokies have had very few discipline issues during the last few years of the Frank Beamer era, but news broke today about one player who is now in a severe amount of trouble for his actions. This news is definitely shocking to say the least and now is in the hand of the courts. Already, Whit Babcock has said that they will now wait on what happens in court which is no surprise especially since he has been suspended indefinitely. The official charges for McKenzie are two counts of delinquency of a minor as reported by Cameron Austin of the Roanoke Times. Austin mentions how they already have recovered a significant amount of evidence which has led to this decision to prosecute McKenzie and another Virginia Tech student identified as Devin Gavion. McKenzie has been released on a $5,000 bail and his court date will likely be within the next few weeks. The maximum punishment for this crime is 12 months in jail and a fine of $2,500. Right now, we have no room to speculate on this incident. However, Shai McKenzie should never play for the Hokies again if he is convicted of this crime, and I would expect that he will be kicked off the team if he is convicted. This is a major disappointment to see Shai McKenzie in this situation as we now wait to see what will happen in court.