Virginia Tech Football Releases a Statement After the George Floyd Murder

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP | May 31, 2020

As most of influence around society and sports have done in recent days, the Virginia Tech Football program released a statement today in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder.

This is definitely a powerful statement and great to see that the program came together to discuss the recent events in Minneapolis and elsewhere prior to releasing a statement. Additionally, Virginia Tech football "committed" themselves to "being part of the solution to these isseus" and standing to "uphold the principles of unity, inclusion, and social justice."

This statement is one that we here at The Tech Lunch Pail absolutely support as we hope to work together to build a better world; one that is safer for all people and without racism. That will require work from all of us to listen, to love, and to grow and change to build a better, safer world for each other to live in, one without the scourage of racial violence at all.