Virginia Tech Track and Field: Thomas Curtin Smashes His 5000 Meter School Record

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomas1996 | Feb 14, 2015
TThere is an old saying in sports that records are meant to be broken, and that is constantly proven to be true in just about every sport. The only record that is likely 100% safe in all of sports is the career wins record in baseball, but just about every other record can be broken. The most commonly records that are broken that are school records. In track and field, a record is usually only broken by no more than 2 or 3 seconds even if it's a long distance race. This makes what one Hokie senior did even more impressive. Senior long distance runner Thomas Curtin broke his own indoor track and field school record in the 5000 meters at the Iowa State Classic. However, the amount he broke the record by makes his performance incredible. Curtin smashed his school record by taking the school record from 14:01.65 to 13:38.56. That is incredible that Curtin broke his own personal record by a total of 23 seconds even with it being a long-distance race like the 5000 meters. Curtin redshirted in 2014, and the senior is looking to finish his collegiate career in impressive fashion. To break a record in the way he did in Ames is just incredible while he is also emerging as one of the top 5000-meter runners in the nation. His time in the 5000 meters currently ranks him second in the nation though that could change if the time is adjusted for rankings due to how he did it on a flat track. Thomas Curtin is definitely a contender to win an indoor national title at the 5000 meter distance, and his performance in Ames is definitely proof of that. This also has the potential to not be the last time that he breaks his school record though he probably won't break it again by 23 seconds.