5 Best Virginia Sports Betting Apps

Virginia's quickly expanding sports betting industry means that some of the top betting brands are competing in this new market. That means that bettors have access to some of the best sports betting apps in Virginia.

Online sports betting officially launched in Virginia in January 2021. The five retail casinos, which will hold five of the 12 sports betting licenses by Virginia sports betting bills SB 384 and HB 896, remain under construction. This means that brick-and-mortar sportsbooks are not yet live in the state. However, with online sports betting well underway, there are plenty of mobile options.

Below, we'll break down everything you need to know about Virginia’s top sports betting apps.

Best Online Sports Betting Apps In Virginia

Since January 2021, a little over half a dozen operators have launched. These include some of the best apps in the industry with top-notch bonus offers:

-BetMGM Virginia App >> $600 Risk Free Bet

-BetRivers Virginia App $100 Deposit Match Up to $250

-WynnBet Virginia App >> $500 Risk Free Bet

-William Hill Virginia App >> $500 Risk Free Bet

-FanDuel Virginia App >> Up to $1000 Risk Free Bet

-DraftKings Virginia App >> 20% Deposit Match Up To $1000

-Unibet Virginia App >> $100 No Deposit Bonus & $1000 Risk Free Bet

In March 2021, the Virginia Lottery Commission approved licenses for Bally's Bets, Golden Nugget, and Barstool, but none of these platforms are available yet to bettors. While the commission has already granted the majority of licenses out of the 12-license cap, it still has a few left that it might approve for qualified applicants.

Top 5 Virginia Sports Betting Apps

BetMGM Virginia

The BetMGM sportsbook app was among the first to launch in Virginia in late January 2021. Although its roots are overseas, BetMGM is now one of the best-established sports betting brands in the US and is available in more than half a dozen states.

Its app has a reputation for its competitive odds and easy-to-use interface. It also offers a pretty great opening bonus for new players in the form of a $600 risk-free first bet.

Visit: BetMGM Virginia for $600 risk free bet bonus offer

BetRivers Virginia

BetRivers, which is owned by Rush Street Interactive, was one of the first operators to express interest in the Virginia market. It struck up a deal early on to set up a casino in Virginia, meaning it operates under one of the five licenses reserved for retail casinos. Soon, Virginia bettors will also be able to enjoy in-person sports betting through BetRivers.

The app itself is an excellent choice, both due to the ease of use for the mobile application and the well-made loyalty program that rewards players for sticking with the app over the long term. The more you use this mobile sportsbook, the more rewards you’ll get and the better your experience will be.

Visit: BetRivers Virginia for $250 deposit match bonus with only 1x playthrough

WynnBet Virginia

WynnBet Sportsbook, owned by the famous Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas, officially went to market in Virginia in March 2020. It became the fifth sports betting app available to bettors in the state.

Although the app is one of the newest in the industry, it runs smoothly and offers all of the major features that the average sports bettor would want. Its opening bonus is competitive: a risk-free first bet for up to $500.

Visit: WynnBet Virginia for $500 risk free bet

William Hill Virginia

Recently acquired by Caesars Entertainment in a deal that was finalized in April 2021, William Hill Sportsbook will soon be morphing into Caesars Sports. The WH brand originated in Europe and several years ago hopped the pond to Nevada, where it began spreading to other states around the US.

Currently, it has an impressive US presence and is considered to be one of the most established sportsbooks in the industry. The sportsbook app itself is a pretty solid product with an attractive opening bonus of up to $500 as a risk-free bet.

Visit: William Hill Virginia for $500 risk free bet

FanDuel Virginia

FanDuel became the first sportsbook app to launch in Virginia in late January 2021. It offers a very well-made application with excellent betting markets, odds, and wager varieties. It also provides a generous opening bonus that goes up to $1000 as a risk-free bet for new players. Overall, it's a great choice both for veterans to sports betting and newcomers.

FanDuel doesn’t have quite the same market variety as DraftKings, but it offers fantastic gameday promotions and special offers to keep things interesting.

Visit: FanDuel Virginia for $1000 risk free bet

What Makes For A Good Mobile Sports Betting App?


Any good mobile sports betting app should prioritize speed, both when opening the app and carrying out various operations or commands. This is especially true for any apps that offer in-play betting (most apps do). To successfully provide in-play betting, apps need to work quickly and take player inputs and apply them to wagers as the action unfolds moment by moment.

But speed is also important so that an app provides a smooth experience. Laggy, cumbersome apps are not fun to use and can even result in players losing wagers if they aren’t able to withdraw early or press certain buttons in time.


Additionally, some mobile sportsbook apps are really intuitive and easy to navigate. This is most important for new players who may be turned off by mobile sportsbook apps that aren’t easy to dive into.

The majority of high-quality sportsbook apps allow players to view their betting slip by swiping up or to the side. They may also have most of their sports or wager categories organized into certain kinds of pages. The betting slip should be easy to access no matter where on the app a player goes.

Furthermore, many high-quality apps include promotions or special bonuses at the tops of their screens or in easy-to-see places. This allows new players to take advantage of promotions without knowing all of the ins and outs of new apps.

Access To Favorite Bets

Lots of sports betting enthusiasts enjoy being able to make regular wagers on certain players, games, or events. They may prefer certain types of wagers or betting markets due to perceived luck or because of their wagering style.

Either way, excellent sportsbook apps should include the ability for players to access their favorite wagers or review their betting history. DraftKings does this particularly well, allowing players to review their betting results and place the same wager multiple times over a session.

Access To Promotions

Lastly, great mobile sportsbooks should also offer lots of promotions and make those promotions easy to access or enjoy, even for new players. Promotions give players the opportunity to win more money from regular wagers or enjoy special wagers that only come up once in a while.

Again, DraftKings demonstrates this phenomenally well. The app offers special betting pools only to mobile app users so that desktop users aren't able to crowd the pool. This makes its app even more special and draws new players to try it out on big game days.

How Can Players Deposit Money With Online Sports Betting Apps In Virginia?

Methods To Deposit Money Using An Online Sportsbook App

The majority of online sports betting apps in Virginia will likely work identically to their counterparts in other states when it comes to money deposits.

Players must first link a bank account or money card account to their sports betting profile on a mobile app. Mobile apps usually have several different ways in which players can deposit cash, including:

-Debit or credit cards. However, players should check to see which types of credit cards are allowed. Some apps only allow Visa or MasterCard, for example


-Bank transfers or money wiring

-Electronic wallet payments from providers like PayPal or Skrill. Skrill is becoming more popular

-PayNearMe stations, which can often be found at gas stations and other convenience stores

However, the exact deposit methods available will vary from app to app. Some apps provide more deposit options than others. Most will at least allow you to link debit or credit cards or direct deposit methods at a minimum.

Apple iOS Users

iOS device users will also often be able to use Apple Pay to make deposits with certain larger mobile sportsbooks, like DraftKings and FanDuel. However, don’t expect smaller sportsbooks to support these deposit methods. Apple Pay involves making a regular bank account to the Apple Pay application, so it’s essentially a roundabout way of making a direct deposit.

Android Users

Android users won’t usually have many more ways of depositing money to online sportsbooks. They’ll need to stick with the above methods depending on where the sportsbook operator offers.

Is Using A Legal Online Sports Betting App In Virginia Safe?

Are Legal Sportsbooks Okay To Install On My Phone?

Yes. Legal sportsbooks that launch in Virginia will be fully vetted and regulated by the Virginia Lottery Commission. This means that the Commission performs a full investigation of the apps in question, checking them for security and making sure that they don't have any unnecessary malware or other issues hidden within their code.

Thus, you can feel free to install any legal sportsbooks on your phone once they finally launch sometime in 21.

How Do Legal Sportsbook Apps Protect My Personal Information?

Legal mobile sportsbooks in Virginia, as elsewhere, will protect your personal information using SSL certification and other digital security software. Operators' sportsbook websites specifically use antivirus shields and encryption. This protects users' personal information and prevents financial data from being leaked.

Furthermore, mobile sportsbooks do not share your personal information with advertisers or other companies. This minimizes the possibility that your information could be scooped or grabbed by someone unintentionally.

How Can I Secure My Mobile Sports Betting Account?

It’s a good idea to never share your mobile sports betting account’s password with anyone, even with sportsbook employees. In fact, sportsbook employees should never ask for your password directly.

Furthermore, don't share personal information like your Social Security number, date of birth, or address with anyone. This information could be used to access your account via security questions. It could also be used by hackers trying to impersonate you when speaking to customer service.

Bottom line: practice good digital hygiene, generally, and your mobile sports betting account will be safer than average. You shouldn’t have to do anything extra aside from what you ought to already be doing to protect your personal information online.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Legal Online Sportsbook Apps In Virginia?

It’s always a better idea to use legal and fully registered online sportsbooks as opposed to offshore or illegal betting sites. Registered and licensed sportsbook operators:

-Are much safer in the long run. They utilize high-quality digital security to keep your personal information safe from hackers

-Are monitored and regulated by the Virginia Lottery Commission, which serves as an authority to go to if you ever have an issue with your winnings

-Have access to better odds and betting markets in comparison to offshore or illegal sites

-Are not likely to leak your personal information or take your deposit money without an explanation

-All in all, it’s much safer and more logical to use a legal online sportsbook app in Virginia.

How To Install Online Sports Betting Apps On An Apple iOS Device

Installing online sports betting apps in Virginia will likely be very easy, as it is in other states.

  1. To start, simply launch the Apple App Store and type in the name of the mobile sportsbook you want to download.
  2. Click the “Download” button.
  3. After downloading and installing on your iOS device, you can then register for the mobile sportsbook.

How To Install Online Sports Betting Apps On An Android Device

In March 2021, Google Play Store officially began allowing real money gambling apps on its platform. This was a reversal of its previous position banning gambling apps altogether. Currently, there is an application process in place to guarantee that all sportsbook and online casino apps listed on the platform are legal and safe.

Since operators are still lining up for approval, not all apps are available yet on Google Play. However, it's worth checking. If you don't see your sportsbook of choice listed, you can always download it straight from the operator's website. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Type in the name of the mobile sportsbook you want to download into Google or another search engine.
  2. Once you're on the sportsbook's official website, look for a "Download for Android" button.
  3. Download the app for Android straight from your mobile device’s browser. (Note: You may need to allow the site “permission” to bring a .apk file on your phone or tablet.)
  4. Download and installation should begin automatically.

Legal Online Sportsbook Apps In Virginia FAQs

How Old Do I Have To Be To Play At Virginia’s Legal Sports Betting Apps?

Any players looking to enjoy Virginia’s legal sportsbook apps will need to be 21-years-old or older. This is the same as the gambling age throughout the state. This will also apply to retail casinos when they open for business.

How Do Online Sports Betting Apps In Virginia Verify A Player’s Age And Identity?

Online sports betting apps in Virginia will verify your identity by asking for personal information during registration. The personal information is likely to include your Social Security number and date of birth. Geolocation software, integrated into the app, will make sure you play only within Virginia’s borders.

Who Regulates Online Sportsbook Apps In Virginia?

All Virginia mobile sportsbooks will be regulated by the Virginia Lottery Commission, which is also responsible for licensing. This organization will also regulate retail casinos and other gambling activities.

What Kinds Of Sports Can I Bet On Using Online Apps In Virginia?

This depends on the mobile sportsbook you choose to download. However, practically all popular mobile sportsbooks include betting markets for professional US sports, such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Furthermore, many apps include betting markets for collegiate sports, like college-level football and basketball. Bigger apps, such as DraftKings, will include more niche markets for international soccer, tennis, cricket, rugby, darts, and eSports.

How Do Virginia’s Online Betting Apps Keep My Information Safe?

High-quality digital security and SSL certification are features on all sports betting apps likely to come to Virginia. Both of these features help to keep your personal information safe from digital criminals or hackers. The SSL certification, in particular, encrypts information you send to the app and information that the app sends back.

Are Legal Online Sports Betting Apps In Virginia Available In The Google Play Store?

Yes. As of early 2021, the Google Play Store allows online gambling apps. Not all apps are available for download, though. If the Virginia betting app you want is not available in the Google Play Store, then loo for it on the sportsbook's website, where it will be available for direct download to an Android device.