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With Virginia's recent legalization and launch of sports betting, more than half a dozen sportsbooks have gone live in the state since the beginning of 2021. Since retail casinos are still under construction, it'll take time before in-person sportsbooks open their doors. So, for now, sports bettors would do well to try out the variety of sportsbook options available to them in Virginia, including BetRivers Sportsbook.

BetRivers is an established sportsbook operator that has a lot to offer (even relative to larger competitors like DraftKings and FanDuel). Below, we'll break down everything that the new BetRivers sportsbook has to offer.

Claim $250 Deposit Match Bonus At BetRivers Virginia

BetRivers Sportsbook Virginia Affiliate Code For 2021

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-Bonus Code Verified For: 2021

-Deposit Match Bonus: 100% up to $250

-Which States Allow BetRivers? VA, TN, MI, IA, IL, CO, WV, PA, IN, NJ

-BetRivers's Land-Based Partner: Rivers Casino, Portsmouth

How To Register For A BetRivers Virginia Sportsbook Account

Because Virginia doesn’t have any retail casinos, its legislation does not require sports bettors to finish registering any mobile app account by visiting a casino in person. As a result, you can register for a BetRivers sportsbook account (or an account for any other sportsbook) entirely online.

If you're an iPhone user, all you'll need to do is download the BetRivers mobile sportsbook apps straight from the App Store. Then, you can provide some personal information to complete the registration process. If you use an Android device, simply go to the Google Play Store and download the app from there.

Either way, the registration process should be quick and easy, at which point you can immediately start wagering on your favorite sportsbook markets.

BetRivers Virginia Bonus

Grade: 5/5

As you get started, you can also take advantage of BetRivers's opening bonus. It’s not as large as the bonuses that most competitors offer. However, it’s still a good choice for newcomers or experienced sports bettors who want to instantly double their wagering power.

The BetRivers bonus is a 100% deposit match bonus for up to $250 of site credit. In a nutshell, if you deposit up to $250 with your first transfer to your new BetRivers sportsbook account, you’ll get another $250 worth of BetRivers wagering credit. Say that you only chose to deposit $100. You would get another $100 from BetRivers, making your total wagering money $200 right off the bat.

You do need to play through any winnings you get from the bonus credit at least once before you can withdraw those winnings, however. Still, this is really common in the sportsbook industry, and it’s generous compared to other bonuses that sometimes require multiple playthroughs.

You can also only take advantage of this opening bonus with your first deposit. You can't save the deposit bonus for later.

Overall, BetRivers’s sportsbook opening bonus is pretty good. Although other sites offer a high dollar bonus, the 1x playthrough at BetRivers Virginia makes it one of the top bonus offers in the state, particularly for new bettors.

BetRivers Sportsbook Odds

Grade: 4/5

Each sportsbook provides varied odds for their wagers and betting markets. BetRivers offers plenty of player-friendly odds across its available betting markets. Even better, BetRivers is one of the few major sportsbook operators to let you change odds formats depending on your preferences.

For example, DraftKings offers American odds only. BetRivers allows you to view your odds in American, decimal, or fractional formats. This may be a great choice for international visitors who want to try the app out for the first time.

Furthermore, regular promotional house and weekend odds specials rotate all the time. They include particularly high odds for certain proposition bets. If you use the BetRivers mobile app as opposed to the desktop site, you’ll also occasionally see odds boosted bets. These may allow you to win big during your favorite sporting events.

BetRivers Virginia Market Depth

Grade: 4.5/5

Of course, a good sportsbook app should also have excellent market depth and variety. In this regard, BetRivers earns reasonably high marks, especially since its weakness with collegiate sports in other states is diminished since Virginia's sports betting legislation doesn't allow any in-state collegiate betting whatsoever (nor prop bets for out-of-state college sports).

With this in mind, BetRivers users enjoy deep betting markets for most professional US sports that Virginian sports bettors are likely to care about, including professional football, professional baseball, professional basketball, and more.

But BetRivers also provides betting markets for things like the NHL, boxing, soccer, and tennis. Even some international options are represented here, including markets for popular leagues such as the English Premier League for soccer.

Other international and niche sports betting markets include MMA fighting, UFC, crickets, cycling, and a variety of motorsports. All this is to say that, while BetRivers doesn’t have quite the same level of market variety as DraftKings, it still offers an overall varied and robust experience, even for experienced sports bettors who want something worth their time and money.

BetRivers Virginia Deposit Options

Grade: 4.5/5

Most sportsbooks will provide a variety of options in terms of funding and withdrawals. In BetRivers’s case, players will be able to utilize various deposit options including electronic checks, debit or credit cards if they are Visas or MasterCards, regular bank transfers, and PayNearMe payments.

Note that there are many other competing sportsbooks that provide even more deposit options. However, BetRivers does provide up to four different withdrawal options. This is far better than many other sportsbook operators, which may provide only two.

In total, you'll be able to withdraw your winnings by requesting a mailed check, ACH transfers, regular bank wiring, and PayPal transfers. All in all, it should be pretty easy for most users to both fund their sports betting accounts and withdraw their winnings at the end of a great game day.

BetRivers Virginia App

Grade: 3.5/5

The quality of a sportsbook’s mobile app is a big factor in determining its overall value. After all, no one wants to play on a clunky and hard-to-use interface. Where BetRivers loses points on its app is in availability. BetRivers launches a state-specific app in each state in which it operates. The company normally offers an Android app first, followed by an iOS app. This means that iPhone bettors are often left to bet on a web browser until the app launches.

The good news is that BetRivers has lots of fantastic features and is one of the few apps initially designed for mobile users, first, instead of being a desktop port. Because of this, the app has a wonderful layout, starting with a promotional offer section at the top of the screen. This allows you to immediately see where you should place your bets if you want the biggest chance to win big on a particular day.

You’ll also benefit from a dedicated search bar. This makes it easy to find any part of the app just by typing in a single query. A “live right now” section will showcase any available live sports competitions if you want to jump into the action.

Placing Wagers At BetRivers Virginia

Of course, this means that the BetRivers mobile sportsbook comes with in-play or live betting, which allows you to place wagers right as action is unfolding on screen. The BetRivers mobile sportsbook even comes with live stream functionality. Normally, the stream is quite smooth, although you may occasionally run into some stuttering if the app gets a lot of traffic during a big game day.

There are other excellent features for this app as well, including a dedicated sports newsfeed on the right side of the screen. On the left side, you'll find a dedicated menu bar that allows you to navigate to the app's major sections and sports betting markets with ease.

That’s not all. Additional user controls, such as being able to set limits on your gambling activity or the ability to call up your wager history, add to its value. All in all, BetRivers’s mobile app in itself is one of the best in the industry and even competes with larger, more established sportsbooks such as FanDuel.

BetRivers Virginia Overall Grade: 4.5/5

Ultimately, BetRivers has a lot to offer to Virginia sports bettors. The app itself is one of the top choices in terms of sheer user experience, user controls, and ease of use. But it also comes with pretty decent odds for its players, good market depth and variety (even for international sports), and live streaming right from the main app interface.

Plus, it has a good opening bonus, though it isn’t as high as many others from competing sportsbook apps. But the total value of this mobile sportsbook is quite high. We'd recommend it for any Virginian sports bettors who don't already have a major sportsbook choice or those who want to shake things up with a new operator rather than sticking to some of the larger choices.

Is BetRivers Sportsbook Legit?

Absolutely. Like every other licensed and regulated sportsbook operator in Virginia, BetRivers is totally legitimate. Let’s go over the reasons why you know this is the case.

-For one, the Virginia Lottery performed an in-depth investigation of BetRivers before handing out sports betting licenses. They didn’t find anything amiss. Otherwise, they would have stopped BetRivers from providing sports betting period, not just online

-For another, the Lottery regulates the activities of BetRivers. This ensures that customers should never have issues withdrawing their winnings or cash

-BetRivers also benefit from high-quality digital security, which can protect your personal information and financial data from any potential cyberthreats

-BetRivers has been in operation for some time, as it’s a part of the larger gambling Corporation Rush Street Interactive. History always add legitimacy to official sportsbook apps

-Lastly, BetRivers has already been active in other states like New Jersey and Indiana. Other states' regulatory bodies have also approved the sportsbook, indicating a high level of trustworthiness

Why Choose BetRivers Over Illegal Betting Sites?

Now that online sports betting is legal in Virginia, there’s no reason to pick an illegal betting site over BetRivers or its competitors.

-Illegal betting sites are far from regulated. In fact, there isn’t any regulatory body to prevent them from misusing your personal information or the funds that you put into your sportsbook account

-Furthermore, many illegal betting sites have shoddy digital security at best. This means that any personal information you do provide to illegal or offshore sites could be at risk of being stolen by cybercriminals

-Lastly, there’s no guarantee that the odds provided by an illegal betting site are actually legitimate or worthwhile. It’s highly unlikely that such sites have access to official league data that legitimate sites use to create their odds

Why Can You Trust BetRivers Mobile Sportsbook With Your Money?

The BetRivers mobile sportsbook, alongside every other licensed sportsbook in Virginia, can only receive licensure if it has two things: insurance for its users in case winnings are somehow lost during a security breach and high-quality digital security in the first place.

BetRivers has both of these components. For instance, you can easily see that it has SSL certification when you look at the address bar at the top of the website – check for the padlock symbol. This is in addition to a good security team that works to update the app regularly and make sure it can’t easily be abused or breached.

Furthermore, BetRivers is well-regulated and policed by the Virginia Lottery. This ensures that, if any customer has a future grievance against the sportsbook operator, they can take their complaint to a regulatory body and seek a resolution.

All in all, you can trust BetRivers with your money, just as you can with other operators.

BetRivers Virginia Sportsbook FAQs

Who Is BetRivers' Casino Partner In Virginia?

BetRivers is one of the few mobile sportsbook operators to partner with a retail casino. Rivers Casino will eventually be constructed in the city of Portsmouth, Virginia. This process will likely take between two to three years in total.

Once constructed, BetRivers will offer both mobile sports betting through its app and website and in-person sports betting through the rooms set up at the future casino.

How Many Different Sports Can You Bet On At BetRivers In Virginia?

At BetRivers, you’ll be able to bet on dozens of different sports, ranging from staple US professional sports like football and baseball to more niche or international sports like cricket and darts. BetRivers has some of the best international betting markets available, particularly for sports like soccer.

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports Online At BetRivers’ Mobile Sportsbook In Virginia?

Yes. BetRivers is licensed and regulated by the Virginia Lottery, and it is one of the few sportsbooks to be granted a retail sports betting license as well. However, players won't be able to enjoy in-person sports betting for another couple of years at a minimum.

Do You Need To Be In Virginia When You Place A Wager At The BetRivers sportsbook?

Yes. BetRivers’s Virginia app, just like its other apps, uses geolocation software to make sure that all of its users only place wagers within state borders.

Can You Bet On eSports At BetRivers Virginia?

No. Most mobile sportsbooks don’t offer eSports wagering of any kind, although some larger operators, like DraftKings, do.

Does BetRivers Offer Any Free Bets Or Deposit Bonuses?

Yes. BetRivers’s opening bonus is a 100% deposit match bonus for up to $250. This allows you to potentially have $500 of wagering money if your initial deposit is the full $250 limit.