2021 TE Cane Berrong Recaps "Awesome" Virginia Tech Visit

2021 TE Cane Berrong Recaps "Awesome" Virginia Tech Visit

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

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Apr 06, 2019

2021 TE Cane Berrong has been one of the fastest-rising recruits this spring receiving offers from lots of major programs in the ACC, SEC, and Big 10. That sudden surge of offers has led to Berrong taking plenty of visits including a three-school, three-day trip with a stop in Blacksburg on Friday (April 5th). https://twitter.com/CaneBerrong/status/1114239857625325568 Berrong had this to say about his visit to Blacksburg. "It was awesome. I had a great time. We hung with (Director of On-Campus Recruiting) John Iezzi and (OL coach) Vance Vice most of the time. I did get meet (TEs coach) James Shibest, and talk about how they plan on using me in their offense," Berrong said. Berrong was impressed by the Hokies' future strength & conditioning facilities along with one of VT's most renowned traditions. "The new strength facilities they are building and how they developed players. Enter Sandman is awesome too," Berrong said about what stood out to him. Berrong had a busy day that included spending time with Justin Fuente and James Shibest (individually), receiving tours of the academic and athletic facilities, and taking photos. Berrong's time with Justin Fuente went quite well with Fuente making it clear that VT is quite interested in him, and wants him to return to VT in the future, especially for a game. "It was great. He’s a really good guy. He wants me to come back in the fall to a game," Berrong said. Berrong spent much of his time with James Shibest who showed how Berrong could have the opportunity to play early and even compete for a starting job as a freshman in 2021 (which would be after the graduation of Dalton Keene). "It was good. He just told me that they didn’t have the guys that they needed to run their system when they got there. They’ve had some good guys come through and have some on the roster now but need more like me that can be moved all over. They see me as a guy that doesn’t come off the field and can stretch the defense. They want to run more 12 and 13 personnel but don’t have the numbers to do it. Basically, I can come in and compete for a chance to start as a freshman," Berrong said. Berrong also got to spend time with his primary recruiter, and an old high school science teacher for his dad, VT OL coach Vance Vice. The talented 2021 tight end told us that he's building a strong relationship with a coach who has plenty of connections to his family. "It’s really good. It was just good to finally meet him in person. It was cool that my mom and dad both are friends with the same people as him," Berrong said. Overall, Berrong told us that he does plan to return to Blacksburg for a visit in the fall while adding that he hopes to get down to "5-10 schools to focus on this summer." Given his current intent on visiting Blacksburg next fall, that has to be a good sign for the Hokies' hopes of making his cut this summer. Cane Berrong has emerged as one of the top tight ends in the 2021 class with Virginia Tech not only leaving a strong impression, but also making it clear that he's a top target in their 2021 class.

Cane Berrong's Offer List (According to 247 Sports)

  • ACC: Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Miami, NC State
  • Big 10: Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin
  • SEC: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Mississippi State, Tennessee
  • Independent: Notre Dame

Photo Credit: Cane Berrong

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