Devon Hunter Learning from Mentor Reggie Floyd

Devon Hunter Learning from Mentor Reggie Floyd

Grant Atkinson |

Mar 03, 2019

Devon Hunter has not had an easy path so far at Virginia Tech, but thanks in part to Reggie Floyd, he seems poised to take on a larger role. For Hunter, his first two years at Virginia Tech have probably not gone exactly the way he imagined they would. After playing primarily on special teams during his freshman year in 2017, the four star safety redshirted in 2018 after playing in the first four games of the season, taking advantage of the new redshirt rule To the outsider, it may seem that Hunter has not developed quickly enough. Head coach Justin Fuente, on the other hand, says that Hunter is right where he needs to be. "I couldn't be happier with Devon Hunter," said Fuente. Fuente did not shy away from the fact that Hunter may not be developing as quickly as some assumed he would. However, not everyone develops at the same pace, and Fuente is pleased with the way Hunter has handled himself. "I'm not sure everybody quite understands the pressure that gets put on some kids to be immediately great players," said Fuente. "It's not fair, and it's kind of a product of the system we deal with right now. I don't know that I've ever seen a guy handle it better than Devon." Despite rumors that Hunter could get a look at running back, Fuente confirmed that he will stay on defense. Defensive coordinator Bud Foster said he thinks that rover is the position of the future for Hunter, coming a year after Virginia Tech tried to see if Hunter could play at whip LB after the dismissal of Mook Reynolds. "I think the rover spot is a good position for [Hunter]," Foster said. "With Reggie Floyd being a senior, we need to groom a guy to step forward." Reggie Floyd himself has taken on a sort of mentor role for Hunter. Floyd says he and Hunter have had a connection since Hunter's freshman year, and he believes Hunter will be ready to make an impact. "He was with me his whole freshman year, so we have that connection," Floyd said. "He has down the basics for that job." Floyd also said that he and Hunter are going to be roommates this year, which he thinks will be very beneficial. "We'll be together as roommates, so film, working together, he'll be able to learn from just watching," said Floyd. "That's the best way for him, I believe, is by watching. Seeing how to move and do everything, break things down. I think it will be a great thing for both of us." Foster, Fuente, and Floyd all said that Hunter's attitude and work ethic is exactly where it needs to be. That is why they all believe he is ready to take on a bigger role. "[Hunter] has worked extremely hard, he's been really focused, and he's got a lot of abilities," said Foster. "Now, he's got to put that on the field."

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

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