2020 LB Ryan Jones Talks About His Virginia Tech Offer

2020 LB Ryan Jones Talks About His Virginia Tech Offer

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Jun 28, 2018

Earlier this month, Virginia Tech went all over the East Coast looking to find talented high school players hosting several camps including one at Bowie State University near Washington D.C. During these camps, the Hokies extended several new offers including the first offer for 2020 LB Ryan Jones. https://twitter.com/BIGRYY2X/status/1007052028789624832 Jones had this to say about his reaction to VT offering him. "First I made a list as a child of my top schools I would love to go to or get an offer from. Virginia Tech was one of my top colleges choices so I was very shocked, but I also felt blessed because I have been grinding for 3 summers," Jones said. In addition, Jones enjoyed his time at the Hokies' satellite camp telling us that he "loved the atmosphere and vibed with the coaches." Looking ahead, Jones told us that he is working to set up a visit to Virginia Tech soon while he is also planning to visit Marshall. Jones added that Marshall and Old Dominion are among the other schools currently showing interest in him. Whenever you're the first school to offer, it usually leaves a lasting impact on a recruit and that is no different with Jones who told us that this offer will have a "heavy impact" on VT's standing in his recruitment in the future. In addition to that, this offer will give him even more motivation to keep earning offers knowing the potential he has. "It had a heavy impact on me because I now realized I have the potential to do big things so this offer is giving me a motor to go harder everyday on the field." At this point, Ryan Jones is just at the beginning of his recruitment and the D.C. linebacker is likely to earn more offers in the coming months. However, the Hokies have made a great first impression as the first team to offer him.

Photo Credit: Ryan Jones

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