2021 DE TJ Bollers Recaps Recent Virginia Tech Visit

2021 DE TJ Bollers Recaps Recent Virginia Tech Visit

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Mar 28, 2019

Virginia Tech has hosted lots of talented recruits over the past couple of weeks including 2021 DE TJ Bollers who traveled across the country from Iowa to visit the Hokies last week. https://twitter.com/tj35ballin/status/1108509566973685761 Bollers came away impressed and had this to say about his first visit to Blacksburg. "It was a fun experience! I was able to learn all about student culture, academic culture, and football culture. It was a very intentional visit too; the places we ate, the places we saw, everything was intentional towards me and how things there would fit me," Bollers said. Bollers had a lot that stood out to him from his visit especially the energy that the Hokies had in practice. "The energy. The energy stood out to me so much because I love seeing energy throughout teams and coaches etc. At practice, the d line was all outside and you could here everyone inside going crazy over a big play and I thought it was great! The strength coach also showed me a video of the team flipping out before a workout and sprinting from the locker room to the weight room full of energy. The workout and electricity in the weight room was awesome because they were excited to be there and excited to get better and that stood out as well," Bollers said. Because of the visit, TJ Bollers told us that he was able to see the Hokies in a clear, correct way after having to just guess previously about what Virginia Tech is like, making the 12-hour trip each way more than worth it. "My parents and I had specific goals when we drove 12 hours to Blacksburg and those were to learn about Virginia Tech and Virginia Tech culture, and those goals were met. It allows us to see Virginia Tech in the correct light now instead of just a guess," Bollers said. Bollers' opinion of Virginia Tech changed as it became clear that the Hokies were interested in him and that he was interested in the Hokies. "It impacted it a lot since we haven't ever been to VT or seen their campus, met their coaches, etc. Being there made it clear that they were interested and that I was interested. Seeing all that they had to show me was eye-opening in itself because like I said before I had never been there. I'll be back for a game for sure and depending on how it fits in my schedule for more visits and camps too," Bollers said. What's clear is that Virginia Tech left a very favorable impression on TJ Bollers after he and his family drove across the country simply to visit Virginia Tech. Going forward, it's clear that the Hokies should be considered a serious contender in the recruitment of talented 2021 DE TJ Bollers.

TJ Bollers' Offer List (According to 247 Sports)

  • ACC: Virginia Tech
  • Big 10: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska
  • Big 12: Iowa State

Photo Credit: TJ Bollers

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