Former Virginia Tech DE Trevon Hill Releases Statement on His Dismissal After Loss to Old Dominion

Former Virginia Tech DE Trevon Hill Releases Statement on His Dismissal After Loss to Old Dominion

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Jan 08, 2019

After being dismissed from the Virginia Tech football team the Sunday following VT's loss at Old Dominion, former VT DE Trevon Hill made his first public statement on his dismissal while also stating his future plans. In his statement, Hill makes the accusation that his dismissal was caused by a "heated exchange" with a Virginia Tech staff member after that staff member overheard a conversation Hill was having with his teammates. Given the fact that this statement was released at midnight, Virginia Tech reasonably has not made any statement on this accusation. If a statement is made to the media, we will inform you of it at that time. Hill did say that he "regrets" his role in what transpired, but felt it would be a "disservice" to himself if he didn't make this statement. Hill also denies in his statement that he was involved in any sort of fight with a teammate after the game. That claim has been a rumor thrown around on some message boards, but has not had any corroboration to date. Hill also says that he feels his dismissal could have been avoided if things would have been "talked out" after the incident. Hill also makes the claim that "no formal investigation or meetings happened with the athletic department" before his dismissal. Given how quickly he was dismissed after the ODU game where an incident took place, this seems extremely likely to be true. In the opening of his statement, thanked Bud Foster and Charley Wiles along with former head coach Frank Beamer and former assistant Bryan Stinespring for giving him an opportunity "to play for such a great school" along with thanking the "Virginia Tech community." Additionally, there had been some talk that Trevon Hill could enter the 2019 NFL Draft but instead, Hill plans to play one more year of college football.

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

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