2021 OT Tristan Leigh Recaps His "Amazing" Virginia Tech Visit

2021 OT Tristan Leigh Recaps His "Amazing" Virginia Tech Visit

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Mar 31, 2019

Virginia Tech hosted several talented recruits this past weekend including 2021 in-state OT Tristan Leigh who came away quite impressed after his visit. https://twitter.com/Leigh71Tristan/status/1112121017122676737 Leigh had this to say about his visit to Blacksburg yesterday. "My visit was absolutely amazing, I loved the campus and I really felt how the school really is its own community. Itwas great seeing the coaching staff again and building my relationships with them was a very enjoyable experience today. Coach (Vance) Vice and I got to talk a lot and I really got to know him and his background. He is a great guy and coach. I watched the teams scrimmage after my tour, and you can feel the compete factor. Every single player was competing and trying to get each other better and I loved that about it. The facilities were very impressive and they really take care of their players, and I can’t wait to be back!" Leigh said. There were a lot of things that Leigh was impressed by on his visit, but the thing that stood out the most was the practice mentality the Hokies had. "The urge to work hard and get better is big at VT, and that was my biggest takeaway from it. They always want to improve and don’t ever settle," Leigh said. Leigh is already building a strong relationship with OL coach Vance Vice with this visit making those bonds even stronger. "Me and Coach (Vance) Vice have a great relationship, we text frequently. I had a great time with him today, and I can’t wait to see him again," Leigh said. Overall, Leigh told us that this view made him "feel like I was a part of the Hokie family," something that may partly be rooted in the fact that some of his cousins are the Edumnds brothers. That inherited connection to Virginia Tech has made Leigh even more interested in VT as well. "I’ve always had interest in Virginia Tech, but having family ties definitely makes me feel closer to VT," Leigh said. The big question is whether the Hokies will offer Leigh with the Fairfax, VA OT telling us that he hopes to receive an offer, and that he would be "very excited" to receive one. Virginia Tech is making a strong impression on Tristan Leigh early in his recruitment with VT poised to be a top contender if they offer the in-state offensive tackle.

Tristan Leigh's Offer List

  • ACC: Pittsburgh, Virginia
  • Big 10: Purdue

Photo Credit: Tristan Leigh

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