Virginia Tech Volleyball Hires LSU Assistant Jill Lytle Wilson as Head Coach

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP | Jan 13, 2017
[caption id="attachment_4989" align="aligncenter" width="700"]VT hires LSU assistant Jill-Lytle Wilson as their next volleyball head coach. [Credit: Virginia Tech and LSU Athletics] VT hires LSU assistant Jill-Lytle Wilson as their next volleyball head coach. [Credit: Virginia Tech and LSU Athletics][/caption]The Virginia Tech Hokies have taken some time to perform a national search for a new head volleyball coach to replace Chris Riley with it seeming likely that Whit Babcock would hire a current head coach as Babcock has only hired people with head coaching experience so far in his tenure at Virginia Tech. That changed yesterday. Virginia Tech announced yesterday that they had hired LSU assistant Jill Lytle Wilson to replace Chris Riley as the Hokies' next head volleyball coach. Wilson is the first female head coach and first person with no prior head coaching experience to be hired during the Whit Babcock era. Wilson has been at LSU since 2006 while also having spent time in the ACC before then with a year at Wake Forest in 2006 and three years (2002-2004) at North Carolina. Wilson has been the recruiting coordinator for LSU for the past decade and has seen the Tigers have a fair amount of success on the recruiting trail with five top-30 recruiting classes according to Wilson is an interesting hire given that she has no head coaching experience but the fact that she has been LSU's recruiting coordinator along with being the associate head coach at LSU for the past four years likely helped along with how Wilson seems to be well-respected among top volleyball coaches.
“We are excited to welcome Jill and her husband, Jared, to Virginia Tech,” Babcock said. “Jill served as an integral component of an LSU program that became a perennial NCAA tournament team during her tenure in the highly-competitive Southeastern Conference. We heard from some of the most respected coaches in the country about Jill’s many talents, and their sentiments were very consistent that the school that recruited her away from her alma mater was going to be fortunate to have Jill lead their volleyball program.”
Whit Babcock has made tons of great hires for Virginia Tech and based on the feedback Babcock received, it seems that the Hokies may have made another very good hire with Wilson. Congrats to Jill Lytle Wilson on being hired as the next head coach of Virginia Tech volleyball.

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