Virginia Tech's Ty Outlaw Charged With a Misdemeanor

Virginia Tech's Ty Outlaw Charged With a Misdemeanor

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Mar 28, 2019

Norm Wood of the Daily Press out of Newport News, VA reported today that Virginia Tech senior forward Ty Outlaw has been charged with a misdemeanor for marijuana possession. As stories in the Daily Press and Roanoke Times detail, the crime report and charges were filed within the past two days. The initial offense took place last Thursday when police used a search warrant to legally enter the apartment of Outlaw and whoever lives with him, explaining the timing of the offense being then despite Outlaw being in San Jose with the team. Since the charge is a misdemeanor and not a felony, Virginia Tech athletic department policy does not mandate that Outlaw is immediately suspended indefinitely. Any suspension is up to the discretion of athletic director Whit Babcock who will likely evaluate with Buzz Williams and others before making a final decision. It is unknown whether Outlaw will face any suspension from the Virginia Tech athletic department though a decision seems unlikely to come before tomorrow given the recency of this. Virginia Tech has also not released any formal comment though Whit Babcock told the Roanoke Times that they are still receiving more information about the situation. Ty Outlaw has been productive in his final season with the Hokies averaging 8.7 points and 5.4 rebounds per game while shooting 45.5% from the field and 45.6% from three-point range. In San Jose, Outlaw had 7 points and 7 rebounds against Saint Louis, and 10 points and 11 rebounds against Liberty.

Photo Credit: Bobby Murray

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