Hokies Football: Devin Wilson Will Play Football and Basketball in 2016-2017 Athletic Season

This past spring, Devin Wilson decided to give football a shot at the collegiate level after playing both sports in high schools with multiple offers to play football including one from N.C. State before taking Virginia Tech’s offer to play basketball. This spring, Wilson quickly emerged in the middle of the battle for playing time at wide receiver behind Isaiah Ford and Cam Phillips and seemed to emerge as a favorite to be one of the Hokies’ top backup wide receivers.

The question that remained was whether Wilson would get a roster spot to play football, or would he only play basketball? Today, we got the answer.

Mike Barber of the Richmond Times-Dispatch broke the news that Devin Wilson will receive a football roster spot, and will play both football and basketball in this upcoming academic season at this point. The addition of Wilson is not a surprise at all given how well Wilson looked this spring after only be involved in about 12 practices after not joining till about a week into Spring Practice.

Wilson was definitely one of the top receivers this spring among those who were fully healthy and has shown that he has the hands along with somewhat of a knack for being able to find space over the middle. Wilson still has a lot to re-learn and develop further in terms of his route-running ability, but he definitely has shown the upside to make a significant impact this fall.

With this move, Wilson’s scholarship will also move from basketball to football, opening up a spot for Buzz Williams to add another player while likely still having Wilson to use next season. There are some rumors that Wilson could make a full-time switch to only playing football, but that does not seem to be the plan at this point. It is also unknown if Wilson will have one or two years of eligibility left to play football due to NCAA rules.

With another basketball scholarship opening up, Williams may be more aggressive in trying to get a grad transfer or JUCO player than he previously has been to bring a more mature basketball player on the team especially if Wilson decides not to play basketball. However, Williams seems likely to first focus on locking down the trio that seem to be the Hokies’ main targets, four-star 2016 PG Markell Johnson, Liberty big man Evan Maxwell, and UNC-Asheville SG Dylan Smith.

Devin Wilson definitely earned a roster spot this spring; and this should benefit the Hokies in multiple ways with Justin Fuente getting someone who can make an impact at wide receiver and provide depth behind Isaiah Ford and Cam Phillips, and Buzz Williams getting an additional scholarship spot to build a stronger team to get to the NCAA Tournament next season.


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