Hokies Football: Hurricane Matthew Could Affect #25 Virginia Tech at #17 North Carolina

Editor’s Note: Before we start this report, we would like to say that our prayers with the people in Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, and all over the Caribbean who are being affected by Hurricane Matthew and we ask that not only your prayers would be with those people but that if you have the financial resources, that you would give towards groups like the Salvation Army.

Hurricane Matthew is headed for its first major landfall in Haiti most likely as it heads north through the Caribbean into the Atlantic Ocean. However, an American landfall is very possible for this Saturday in the Carolinas, potentially having a serious effect on multiple college football games including #25 Virginia Tech at #17 North Carolina.

Here’s a projection from the GFS model which is seen as one of the best hurricane-tracking models in the world along with another map detailing the projected tracks from multiple different projections.

One big key for predicting the track of Hurricane Matthew will be how fast the hurricane is moving. Most of the models have Hurricane Matthew going up the North Carolina-Virginia coast before curving out to sea but if it goes even slower than that, it is more likely that the hurricane curves out to sea sooner while a faster track will follow the GFS model.

At this point, the ACC, Virginia Tech, and North Carolina are all likely monitoring the situation knowing that we should know enough in a couple days for a decision to be made. For now, it looks like it may fairly windy and wet in Blacksburg but good enough for this football game to happen given how far inland Chapel Hill is.

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Update: At this point, the track of Hurricane Matthew should not affect the status of Saturday’s kickoff as the projected path has it looping away from the coast before getting to North Carolina.


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