Hokies Football: Augie Conte Doesn’t Think North Carolina Has A Lot of Respect For Virginia Tech

Yesterday, Justin Fuente and multiple Hokies took the podium yesterday for their weekly press conference. Usually, most of the notable headlines come out of what we hear from Fuente but this week, starting guard Augie Conte had one of the more interesting comments of the press conference.

Augie Conte told media yesterday that he doesn’t believe North Carolina doesn’t have much respect for the Hokies and says that comes from North Carolina’s success from winning big games to winning the ACC Coastal last year and appearing in the ACC Championship.

Both programs have had some strong performances so far as North Carolina has had back-to-back dramatic wins over Pittsburgh and Florida State as time expired while Virginia Tech has beat Boston College and East Carolina by an average of 43 points.¬†Of course, Virginia Tech’s wins aren’t over as good of competition and are both at home but still quite impressive given the magnitude of the margin of victory.

A common theme yesterday was that Virginia Tech still has to prove that they are worthy of being a top 25 ranked team against the Tar Heels this weekend. Of course, it wouldn’t be surprising to here Larry Fedora and some players say that they have plenty of respect in any remaining press conferences over the course of the week.

Both teams likely know the significant of this game as the winner could be in the driver’s seat to win the Coastal depending on what happens between Miami and Florida State.

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