Hokies Football: Justin Fuente Didn’t Notice The Sideline Antics From Pat Narduzzi

The Virginia Tech Hokies beat the Pittsburgh Panthers 39-36 last Thursday in what was a great performance from Jerod Evans and Virginia Tech’s passing attack. However, one of the biggest headlines that came out of that game did not happen on the field but on the sidelines with Pittsburgh head coach Pat Narduzzi.

Narduzzi’s antics drew the attention of just about everyone watching the game with the Pitt head coach breaking his headset at one point. On Monday, Justin Fuente was asked about the actions of his ACC counterpart.

Justin Fuente’s comments were not a major surprise as the Hokies’ head coach stated that what other coaches do on the sideline doesn’t affect him as long as it doesn’t take away from the student-athletes on the field. Fuente also mentioned how he and Whit Babcock have a “clear definition” on how Fuente should act on the sideline.

The thing with Narduzzi’s actions are the fact that it did seem to be somewhat of a distraction though clearly that was only for fans and likely Pitt players and coaches that were close to the second-year head coach at the time of some of his antics. However, Fuente did not seem to take it that way though he didn’t go in depth as to whether he thought Narduzzi’s actions did cross that line.

Meanwhile, Fuente stayed calm and composed even as the referees missed multiple pass interferences throughout the game and were inconsistent with their calls. Fuente’s composure made a difference and unsurprisingly, that composure meant that he wasn’t affected by what was happening across the field with Pat Narduzzi.

Of course, it also wouldn’t be surprising to see the Hokies try to use this contrast to help in recruiting given how calm and composed Fuente looked in this game contrasted with Narduzzi. While some players may like that style from their head coach, a large majority of recruits likely would prefer the more composed style of Justin Fuente.

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