Chris Clarke Charged With Misdemeanor

Chris Clarke Charged With Misdemeanor

Matthew Atkins | @mattkins21

TLP: Writer
Apr 02, 2019

Following last week's events that saw Ty Outlaw charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana, former Virginia Tech guard Chris Clarke has been charged with the same offense. [embed][/embed] Clarke has been suspended from the team since before the season began. The listed date of Clarke's offense is March 20, the same as Outlaw's. Outlaw was with the Hokies in San Jose at the time, but police used a search warrant to search his apartment, finding marijuana inside. A Roanoke Times story reported that Clarke and Outlaw are roommates, which would explain the same offense date. Clarke's hearing has been scheduled for May 9th in Montgomery County General District Court. Outlaw's hearing was originally scheduled for April 11th, but has been pushed back to June 13th.

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

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