Reports: Texas A&M Set to Offer Buzz Williams a Multi-Year Deal

Reports: Texas A&M Set to Offer Buzz Williams a Multi-Year Deal

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Mar 30, 2019

After last night's loss to Duke ended Virginia Tech's historic season, the rumors about Buzz Williams to Texas A&M have taken off with CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein reporting that the Aggies intend to offer Williams a multi-year deal with a starting salary of $3.5 million. The rumors about Williams leaving for A&M have been going on for months privately with those rumors hitting the mainstream after the departure of Billy Kennedy became official. Many national reporters have also suggested that it would be a surprise if Williams didn't take the A&M job with Adam Zagoria reporting that it's a "done" deal for Williams to A&M. To this point, Williams has not denied having interest in A&M, or said anything either way in regards to his future. However, it's hard to deny the fact that there is a lot A&M can offer Williams including more money, and not only a chance to return to his home state but also to a place where he spent some time as an assistant from 2004-2006. Of course, Buzz Williams is Buzz Williams so nothing can be ruled out until it's a done deal but right now, all the smoke suggests that Williams is likely bound for Texas A&M. What appears most clear though is that we should have a resolution within the next couple of days given the pace at which the Aggies are moving to extend an offer to Williams.

Photo Credit: Bobby Murray

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