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TLP Interview With Virginia Tech Head Coach Brent Pry: Part 2

Brent Pry 1 VT Fall Camp 2023 From VT
Photo Credit: Virginia Tech Athletics

The second part of my interview with Virginia Tech Football head coach Brent Pry is here after our conversation on Monday, June 17th at the Hotel Roanoke ahead of the Hokie Club's Tailgate Tour stop in Roanoke. You can read the first part of my interview with Brent Pry here as we take a look at how the Hokies are dealing with expectations for the first time in the Brent Pry era, the state of in-state recruiting 2.5 years in to the Pry era, roster management in an era of change, and more.

In part two, we shift our attention to this year's team and take a look at not only some of the biggest names on the roster, but also some of the biggest areas of question for the 2024 Hokies. That includes insights on the linebacker and offensive line rooms that were weaknesses last season and the revamped defensive tackle room. There's also big picture looks at the offense in light of having an established starting QB and insights on what made Tech's spring transfer additions the right fits.

Note that we are sharing a rough paraphrasing of my spoken questions to Pry as we did with part one so you have full context for what Pry was asked about and how it was asked to him.

Once again, we want to thank Brent Pry for sitting down with ME earlier this week, and for SID Travis Wells and the Virginia Tech Football program setting this up for you, our TLP Insiders and readers.

So with that said, let's jump into part two of our exclusive interview with Brent Pry.

Q: Looking at this year’s team, let’s start at quarterback with Kyron (Drones), established starter now. I know accuracy was a big talking point as an area of improvement for him, what have you seen in his development?

“Yeah he’s improved there (with his accuracy). He’s a great worker and very insightful to where he needs to get better and things he needs to do. He’s very driven. His respect and admiration from his teammates have grown two-fold from the plays all through the fall but then the way he works in the offseason, his humility. He’s got a lot of press clippings right now, you don’t see anything different about him. He’s got a chance to have a really nice year for us. As well as last year went, he can go above and beyond that.”

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