Virginia Tech Adds Games Against BYU, ODU, Liberty, VMI

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP | Jul 28, 2017
College football scheduling has gone a little insane over the past several years with teams scheduling non-conference games that are over a decade away with the future players in those game being in elementary school currently. However, this insanely early scheduling isn't going away soon with Virginia Tech announcing games against multiple teams in 2022 and from 2026 to 2030. Virginia Tech announced games with four different teams headlined by BYU with the Hokies set to host BYU in 2026 and travel to Provo in 2030. Virginia Tech also announced a six-game home-and-home series against Old Dominion, five games against Liberty (including 2 in Lynchburg), and a 2026 home game against VMI. BYU is the second western team that the Hokies will face after 2025 as the Hokies also scheduled a future home-and-home series against Arizona. The 2026 game against BYU will be the Hokies' big non-conference home game with VT also scheduled to play at Maryland that season. The extension of the Old Dominion series makes a lot of sense as the Hokies continue to want to,make their presence known in the 757 with ODU appearing to be a replacement for the home-and-home series the Hokies have had with ECU for a long time. With Liberty jumping up to FBS, adding the Flames to the schedule makes a lot of sense though it is surprising that the Hokies are also committing to playing twice in Lynchburg in 2022 and 2030. While ODU may be similar in FBS stature to Liberty, ODU is also in a talent-rich area that is over four hours from VT whereas Liberty is a much less talent-rich area that is within a couple of hours of Blacksburg. However, you can also expect that plenty of Hokie fans will make the trip to Liberty in 2022 and 2030. The Hokies will also host VMI in 2026 in what is one of the few future games against FCS schools. While it is a good trend to see FCS teams disappearing from the schedule, the past history and tradition against VMI makes this a solid addition to the schedule. With these schedule additions, the Hokies' non-conference schedules are full through 2028 though that can always change.

New Games to the Schedule

  • Nov. 19th, 2022: at Liberty
  • Sept. 5th, 2026: vs. VMI
  • Sept. 12th, 2026: vs. Old Dominion
  • Sept. 26th, 2026: vs. BYU
  • Sept. 11th, 2027: at Old Dominion
  • Nov. 20th, 2027: vs. Liberty
  • Sept. 2nd, 2028: vs. Liberty
  • Sept. 9th, 2028: vs. Old Dominion
  • Sept. 1st, 2029: vs. Liberty
  • Sept. 22nd, 2029: at Old Dominion
  • Sept. 7th, 2030: at Liberty
  • Sept. 14th, 2030: at BYU
  • Sept. 21st, 2030: vs. Old Dominion
  • Sept. 6th, 2031: at Old Dominion

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