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Virginia Tech Building Recruiting Pipelines Just As They Planned

Brent Pry 1 ESD 2023 From VT
Photo Credit: Virginia Tech Athletics

If you played the previous EA Sports NCAA College Football video games, then you probably are used to trying to build recruiting "pipelines" in various states to help your program. While CFB program do that on a state-level, there are plenty of schools who also try to do that on a more localized level within individual schools.

When you're talking about wanting to build pipelines at top high school programs, Virginia Tech should be a program you mention putting an emphasis on doing just that.

To fully understand the pipeline emphasis for Virginia Tech, let's start by going back to this past December's Early Signing Day. After their morning Signing Day festivities, Brent Pry was asked about the fact that the Hokies had just signed at least one player from DeMatha Catholic and Highland Springs for the second-straight full cycle.

Pry's response revealed how the Hokies' recruiting strategy includes an intentional approach of being a constant presence at top high school programs like those two aforementioned schools.

"I think you recognize the quality traits, the championship-caliber attributes from guys at both those programs. We’ve got tremendous respect for Coach (Loren) Johnson and Highland Springs. We know a ton about him, their players, what they’re being coached at taught on and off the field. And the same with DeMatha. So I think when you see strong programs, it always makes sense. There are certain programs, I tell the staff, I’d love to take a young man from that program every year. It’s not always going to be possible, but you’d like to," Pry said.

Six months later, it's clear that Tech is not only working to build pipelines at highly successful programs, but they're also having success in doing so.

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