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Virginia Tech DT Kemari Copeland Puts Football World on Notice With Insane Squat

Kemari Copeland VT Visit Dec 2023

Yes, football games are played on the field and not in the weight room. However, that doesn't mean the weight room isn't a critical piece of development for a football player and can tell us who may have the strength advantage on the field.

Well one guy who will have that advantage is Virginia Tech DT Kemari Copeland. The 6'3'' 280-pound transfer from Iowa Western CC was a big get for the Hokies this offseason as Tech reloaded their defensive tackle room. He's expected to at least be in the DT rotation this fall while battling Josh Fuga for the second starting DT job.

One advantage that Copeland will have over just about anyone else in college football is his pure strength. That showed in a recent squat where he did 10 reps of 605 pounds, truly insane stuff for any human being. This also set a Virginia Tech record as Copeland shared on social media.

It's important to note that this wasn't just one rep but 10 reps! That's sustained strength with an insane amount of weight that very few people likely could reach over a set of 10. I'm not sure what his max squat is exactly though some social media people posters have suggested it is at least 800 pounds, which is also insane.

Copeland's insane squat caught the attention of the entire football world including many current and former NFL stars including former Virginia Tech star QB Tyrod Taylor, Hall of Fame WR Randy Moss, future Hall of Fame DE J.J. Watt, and former Baltimore Ravens star WR Torrey Smith.

It's important to note that Copeland mentions on his Instagram that he is a "powerbuilder" and does a lot of powerlifting. That appears to have helped him gain over 31,000 followers on Instagram where he also has some endorsement deals related to his impressive strength including one with Rule One Proteins.

It'll likely be rare, if it happens at all, for Copeland to face someone who can match his strength with teams likely doing everything they can to warn their offensive lineman to not give up leverage on Copeland. Don't be surprised when we see Copeland blowing up interior offensive linemen with bull rushes this fall to give opposing offenses nightmares.

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