Virginia Tech Football Recruiting Notes 9/4/20

Virginia Tech Football Recruiting Notes 9/4/20
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

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Sep 04, 2020

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

Check out the latest Virginia Tech football recruiting notes as the Hokies' 2020 season almost reaches the two weeks away mark.

2022 4* WR Adam Randall

Four-star WR Adam Randall has emerged as one of the top 2022 wide receiver prospects on the East Coast with schools from all over America involved including Virginia Tech.

So far, the Hokies are off to a good start with Randall who told us that Tech is currently standing "high" in his recruitment. He had this to say about why that's the case.

"They have been recruiting me well and have shown me a lot of attention," Randall said.

Additionally, Randall told us that Clemson, Tennessee, Oregon, and USC are among the schools currently standing out for him.

Tech was among the schools to reach out to him this week directly along with Clemson, Oregon, USC, LSU, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Northwestern. TEs coach and VT's South Carolina area recruiter James Shibest was the main point of contact with Randall telling us that the conversation was "good" with Shibest making it clear that Tech would love to have him visit and will be prioritizing him.

As 2022 recruiting kicks into full gear, keep an eye on Adam Randall as a top WR target for VT.

2022 4* TE Trent McGaughey

Four-star Texan TE Trent McGaughey is among the elite at his position in his class with tons of schools contacting him over the past few days including Virginia Tech as he told us.

"I’ve heard from almost everybody like LSU, Virginia Tech, Michigan, Oregon, Auburn, North Carolina, Clemson, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, USC, Arizona State, and plenty more," McGaughey said.

McGaughey specifically heard from TEs coach James Shibest, another strong sign that the Hokies see McGaughey as one of their highest-rated TEs in the 2022 class. His conversation with Shibest was "good" with the Hokies making it clear that they are going to "recruit me hard."

There's no doubt that this recruitment will be an uphill battle especially with so many nearby powers heavily involved including schools in neighboring states like LSU and Oklahoma. However, Tech clearly is high on McGaughey and is going to at least make a run at trying to land him.

2022 3* WR Leon Haughton Jr

In-state WR Leon Haughton Jr is also poised to be a priority WR target for the Hokies in the 2022 class with Tech among a host of schools to reach out to him this week along with Clemson, Penn State, Oklahoma, Virginia, Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Kentucky, South Carolina, Mississippi State, and numerous others.

Haughton specifically heard from CBs coach Ryan Smith and assistant/former VT WR Corey Fuller with both of those conversations going well.

He had this to say about his conversation with Ryan Smith.

"He just told me that he can’t wait to build a relationship with me, just short and simple," Haughton said.

He also had this say about his conversation with Corey Fuller.

"Coach Fuller is a great guy. I can definitely see us building a strong relationship," Haughton said.

This week seems to continue to build upon the strong foundation that Tech has with Haughton who previously told us that the Hokies were under "deep consideration" for him.

Tech is looking to keep more of the Commonwealth's best talent home with the Hokies off to a strong start for talented Richmond area WR Leon Haughton Jr.