Virginia Tech Offers 2022 Four-Star WR Cameron Miller

Virginia Tech Offers 2022 Four-Star WR Cameron Miller
Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

TLP: Editor
Oct 01, 2020

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor

As the fall has gotten going, Virginia Tech has sent out some new offers including one to 2022 four-star WR Cameron Miller out of Memphis, Tennessee.

He had this to say about receiving an offer from WRs coach Jafar Williams.

"My reaction was that I was blessed enough to receive another offer from Virginia Tech and that they believe in my game to think I’m good enough to play in their program," Miller said.

Miller additionally had this to say about how his conversation went with Jafar Williams as a whole.

"The conversation was good because he told me a little about himself and Virginia Tech, the good things they have, and what they done with the program and the team so he was just giving me information off of that," Miller said.

Tech's decision to offer wasn't completely out of the blue as Miller told us that he has been receiving interest from the Hokies over the past couple of weeks.

Tech is far from being alone on Miller's offer list which also includes Alabama, Penn State, Auburn, Michigan, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, and more. He is also receiving interest from Florida, Northwestern, and Washington.

One thing that is notable with Cameron Miller is that he's from Memphis with Tech having plenty of connections via the multiple former Memphis staffers that came with Justin Fuente to Blacksburg. Of course, those connections may not be as strong now, but those connections definitely should still help open those doors more than normal

Overall, this offer does have an impact on Cameron Miller's recruitment with Tech being right alongside the rest of his offers.

"This offer impacts my recruitment because it’s another school that believes in my game and that thinks I’m good enough to attend their school, and it stands as a chance like any other school just a blessing to have another offer like that one," Miller said.

Keep an eye on Cameron Miller as a wide receiver prospect in an area that Justin Fuente and his offensive staff should be familiar with.