Virginia Tech Reveals Uniforms for Week 2

By: Matthew Atkins | @mattkins21 | Sep 07, 2018
Virginia Tech has announced the uniform for this weekend’s home opener against William and Mary, and the team is sticking with a matte helmet for Week 2. This week’s uniform combo consists of a matte white helmet, maroon jersey and white pants. [embed][/embed] Fans enjoyed the look of the matte maroon helmets during the season opener against Florida State, so they should enjoy this look as well. Fans got their first look at the redesigned jerseys last week with the away whites, so this week will be the debut of the new maroon jerseys. This weekend’s look will also complement the field design for the first home game of 2018. The Virginia Tech grounds crew posted a photo on Twitter Thursday evening showing the field painted with all-white lettering an maroon outlines, making for a solid look when combined with the amount of white on the uniforms. [embed][/embed] I think this is a good look for Week 2. The white helmets are what I had hoped to see as part of an all-white look last week, so I like that the team is breaking them out early in the season. This week’s uniforms are almost a tease of the white effect, which is taking place next weekend against ECU. The Hokies have three other “effect” games this season - the Hokie Effect, Orange Effect and Maroon Effect – so I like the fact that they limited the amount of orange and maroon in this Saturday’s uniform. They have plenty of time to show off the dominant colors later on in the season and are using the early season home games to show off the white uniform combinations. Fans can see this uniforms in action when Virginia Tech kicks off against William and Mary at 2 p.m. on Saturday in Lane Stadium.