Hokies Football: Don’t Expect Quarterback Situation To Be Resolved Soon

Justin Fuente and the Virginia Tech Hokies ran their first scrimmage of the fall in private this past Tuesday on the practice field next to Lane Stadium with many fans hoping that maybe this would lead to a winner in the quarterback battle. However, what became clear in Fuente’s comments after the scrimmage is that the quarterback situation won’t be resolved anytime soon, at least not publicly.

Fuente made it fairly clear that he has not reached a decision nor seems to be close to reaching a decision on who will be the starting quarterback against Liberty. Right now, it seems like it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Hokies not have a decision until the week of their season opener.

For Fuente, that doesn’t seem to be a problem especially based on some of what he has said about what Jerod Evans and Brenden Motley can do.

Fuente seems to be gaining comfort with having a couple quarterbacks that he believes can step up and be the starter though neither has seemed to earn the starting job yet publicly despite many seeing Jerod Evans as the heavy favorite to win the job. Of course, no one should expect Fuente to name a leader in this quarterback battle until someone wins the job out of professionalism and respect to both quarterbacks and the team as a whole.

With Evans and Motley speaking to the media on Tuesday, it also wouldn’t be surprising to see this be the last time either of the quarterbacks are available until one is named the starter.

Fans’ nerves regarding this quarterback competition are likely to only grow over the coming weeks, leaving Fuente with the role of keeping things calm on the outside and prevent those nerves about the quarterback spot from trickling into the team.

One thing that does seem clear though is that Evans and Motley both on the surface seem to be comfortable with whoever the starting QB is along with making sure that the starter is seen as the leader of the offense no matter what.

For now, both quarterbacks are saying the right things in regards to supporting whoever wins the starting job but that will be tested once the games are starting to be played especially if whoever is chosen struggles early on.

There is no doubt that not seeing either Jerod Evans or Brenden Motley claim the starting quarterback job will definitely make fans nervous but Justin Fuente is prepared to be the man to calm those outside nerves whether he is actually nervous about the situation or not.

While there doesn’t seem to be much that is certain about this quarterback battle right now, what is certain is that Fuente doesn’t seem like he’ll be ready to name a starter anytime soon. Get ready fans to wait a few weeks to hear who will be under center for the Hokies come September 3rd against Liberty.


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