2015 ACC Kickoff: Hokies Picked to Finish Second in ACC Coastal

The final day of the 2015 ACC Kickoff is usually a busy news day with all 14 head coaches speaking to the media, and the media’s predictions for player of the year and the final ACC standings being revealed. Last year, the ACC Coastal predictions were a mess while the ACC Atlantic predictions picked Florida State overwhelmingly with the Seminoles also winning the ACC as a whole.

This year, the Hokies and Georgia Tech were the two supreme teams in the Coastal, but Georgia Tech came out on top easily with 96 first-place votes while Virginia Tech had 44 first-place votes. No other ACC Coastal teams had double-digit first-place votes with rival Virginia being the only Coastal team to not receive a single first-place vote.

In the Atlantic division, Clemson received 101 first-place votes while Florida State received 56 and Louisville also received one first-place vote. Overall, Clemson was picked by the media to win the ACC with 84 votes, followed by Florida State with 41 votes, Georgia Tech with 20, and Virginia Tech with 7.

The one odd thing with this year’s voting was the fact that N.C. State received a vote to win the ACC Championship despite not receiving a single vote to win the ACC Atlantic. There always seem to be a couple of odd votes at the ACC Kickoff, and this vote goes down as this year’s most confusing vote.

Many are talking about the Hokies as the under-the-radar team in the ACC, and that is showing with the Hokies as the clear preseason number 4 behind the three ACC teams that are certain to be ranked: Clemson, Florida State, and Georgia Tech. It seems very likely that the Virginia Tech-Georgia Tech game will once again decide the ACC Coastal though the Yellow Jackets face Clemson and Florida State, which opens the door for the Hokies even with a loss in Atlanta.

Here is a full breakdown of the voting from the ACC’s website.

ACC Championship Votes
1. Clemson – 84
2. Florida State – 41
3. Georgia Tech – 20
4. Virginia Tech – 7
5. North Carolina – 3
6. Miami – 2
7. NC State – 1
Atlantic Division
(First place votes in parenthesis)
1. Clemson (101) – 1,032
2. Florida State (56) – 992
3. Louisville (1) – 746
4. NC State – 673
5. Boston College – 473
6. Syracuse  – 291
7. Wake Forest – 217
Coastal Division
(First place votes in parenthesis)
1. Georgia Tech (96) – 991
2. Virginia Tech (44) – 841
3. Miami (7) – 632
4. Duke (4) – 615
5. North Carolina (4) – 590
6. Pitt (3) -535
7. Virginia -220

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