Brad Paisley Concert at Virginia Tech on Labor Day Weekend Buildup for Ohio State Game

Back in June and early July, rumors began spreading around Hokie Nation that country star Brad Paisley was going to come to Virginia Tech on Labor Day Weekend as a part of the buildup for the Hokies’ season opener against Ohio State.

The rumors began to pick up more over the last few weeks to the point where everybody knew it was a matter of time till an official announcement. This became more apparent after the announcement of Virginia Tech cancelling classes on Labor Day and President Tim Sands saying that big events for the weekend were in the works.

Many Hokies also heard from Virginia Tech officials about being informed of a Brad Paisley concert in Blacksburg. Now, Virginia Tech has confirmed the concert that comes as a surprise to no one after months of being unofficially happening.

Virginia Tech will be the first stop on Brad Paisley’s College Tour with other announced destinations including Baylor, Arkansas, and Texas. Paisley has already been on a world tour, and this concert falls after a full week break for the country star.

The timing of this announcement should not be seen as completely random. Today is the first day of move-in for Virginia Tech students onto campus, and the announcement may be seen as another way to bring more excitement for the incoming Virginia Tech freshmen.

The one controversial thing is the fact that Paisley has proven to be a West Virginia fan in the past with Andy Bitter showing this guitar that Virginia Tech fans would likely want to see him smash.

Paisley has also been on College GameDay as the guest picker when GameDay has been in Morgantown. Hopefully, Paisley will start to change his fan allegiance to Virginia Tech by coming to Blacksburg, and seeing the passion of Hokie Nation.

The location of the concert was rumored to be on the Drillfield, but will instead be in the Cassell Coliseum parking lot with Lane Stadium likely to be oriented in the background of the concert stage. Paisley is also slated to take the stage at 9pm with Eric Palsey taking the stage an hour ahead of Paisley.

This is the official confirmation of the concert many have known was going to happen for a while. However, we now have the details for this exciting, Labor Day Weekend concert with Brad Paisley.


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