Hokies Football: LB Raymon Minor Returns to the Virginia Tech Football Team

Two weeks ago, Virginia Tech football announced that former four-star recruit and linebacker Raymon Minor had decided to leave the football team with the intent to transfer away from the program. Many expected that Minor may transfer to a lower-tier FBS school or top FCS school in search of playing time while likely also looking to stay in-state and go somewhere like ODU, JMU, or Richmond.

However, the Hokies made what may be a surprising announcement to some Hokie fans interested in the Minor situation.

Linebacker Raymon Minor has returned to the Hokies’ football team but this time, he’ll be on the roster as a walk-on instead of the scholarship that he previously had. Minor will likely return to being the top backup whip linebacker though with the whip linebacker being used less and less, Minor will look to earn playing time on special teams and try to climb up the depth chart behind Tremaine Edmunds at the backer spot.

For Minor, the move is a little surprising given the fact that he likely could have transferred to another solid football program and been brought in on scholarship. However, the timing of Minor’s decision to try to transfer in August when many schools have already started their semester likely made the situation more difficult and made coming back a more sensible decision.

It still does seem possible that Minor could consider playing this season out and then transferring to a smaller school in the hopes of getting on scholarship after sacrificing his scholarship two weeks ago with his initial decision to transfer.

For the Hokies, having Minor return two weeks later as a walk-on is a steal as Virginia Tech maintains some depth at linebacker while also getting an additional scholarship that could be used for a transfer from a major program or go towards recruiting in the Class of 2017.

The move by Raymon Minor to return is surprising but for the Hokies, it helps them preserve some precious linebacker depth and frees up a scholarship. Minor’s decision shows how consequential the decision to transfer can be when you decide to return to that program within a couple weeks, costing Minor his scholarship in this case.


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