Hokies Football: Three Hokies to Watch Against Boston College

As the Hokies turn their attention to their first ACC opponent, they’ll look to shake off their two fumble-filled games. Here are my three players to watch on Saturday afternoon as Virginia Tech plays Boston College.

Isaiah Ford

The first two games, Ford has shown flashes of what he can possibly be — one of the best receivers in the ACC. Fuente has seemed focused on getting the ball thrown to the outside for Ford whenever there is a 1v1 situation, which makes sense because of his height and his ability to go up and his physicality allowing him to go and get any ball thrown his way. He has the potential to easily go over 1,000 yards for the 2nd straight season.

What makes this an interesting game for Ford is simply the skill of the Boston College defense. They’re known for one of the best defenses in the conference and this game will provide a stiff challenge for the wide receivers. Pay attention to whether the defense decides to double team Ford or throws more of a zone look at the offense.

Jerod Evans

The quarterback has made the list for all three weeks, and there is a reason for that. Other than losing way too many fumbles, he has performed exceptionally well in the first two games. He has completed about 66% of his passes, and thrown for 5 touchdowns — all without an interception. While there are fumbles, it is impressive that he hasn’t thrown any interceptions, especially when considering that the Tennessee defense has some of the best defensive backs in the country.

Again, this Boston College defense should prove to be a challenge for all offensive players. Pay attention to how Evans deals with a stout defense, and look to see whether he extends his interception-free streak. Evans has taken the chance to lead this team, and has proved that he belongs. I expect him to continue to prove that on Saturday.

The Defensive Line

I know, I know. This isn’t a specific player, but it makes sense. The offensive coordinator for Boston College is none other than our good friend Scot Loeffler. Bud Foster had a chance to practice alongside him for several years and knows some of his tendencies. While he probably never practiced directly against the offensive plays Loeffler will run on Saturday, he will have a basic idea.

All this said, I am expecting to see Foster be prepared with a game-plan that will allow the defensive line to get pressure on the quarterback (a Logan Thomas type quarterback that transferred from Kentucky). Ken Ekanem has started to show more of a push at the line and has been more disruptive in the backfield. Watch for lots of different types of blitzes and defensive schemes to keep the Boston College offense guessing.


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