Hokies Football: Anthony Shegog Will Wear the #25 Jersey Against Miami

When Justin Fuente announced that the Virginia Tech Hokies would honor Frank Beamer by giving his #25 jersey to the special teams player of the week, no one probably knew that it would become as popular among fans and players as it has. The #25 jersey may have been intended to be a one-year thing but with its popularity, it will be hard to get rid of this new tradition if that was ever the plan.

This week, the Hokies gave the #25 jersey to a player whose number is rather close already to #25.

Whip linebacker Anthony Shegog has been given the #25 jersey for the Hokies’ showdown with Miami. The senior linebacker has proven to be a hard-working player that has found ways to make a difference even if he hasn’t gotten that much playing time on defense. Shegog’s jersey also won’t change much this week given that he usually wears #24 so noticing the jersey change may take a little closer attention than usual for the #25 jersey recipient.

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