2015 NFL Draft: Laurence Gibson Can Definitely Improve His Draft Stock at the NFL Combine

By: Tim Thomas | @TimThomas1996 | Feb 12, 2015
Recently, the NFL Combine released the list of players that were invited to attend the 2015 NFL Combine in Indianapolis. The Virginia Tech Hokies had three players make the list in safeties Kyshoen Jarrett and Detrick Bonner, and offensive tackle Laurence Gibson. Bonner and Jarrett currently have the highest draft stocks among Hokies in the 2015 NFL Draft, but this type of event will be a great opportunity for Gibson to rise up some draft boards. The fact that Gibson was invited just shows that he is a contender to get drafted, and one of the top 52 offensive linemen as seen by the NFL right now. The NFL Combine does do a fairly good job of testing offensive linemen's technique, but is a much better show of the athleticism of offensive linemen. Gibson might just be one of the most athletic offensive tackles in the 2015 NFL Draft class, and this will be a great opportunity for him to climb up a lot of draft boards and significantly improve his chances of being drafted. Gibson needs to probably weigh in at a minimum of 295 pounds, but Gibson will likely make sure he is ready to hit that weight. If Gibson does that, his chances of being one of the biggest risers among offensive tackles will improve greatly. Gibson has very good speed and is very light on his feet which should allow him to do well in a lot of the agility drills. Gibson also has the speed to run under 5.0 seconds which will likely be an expectation for many scouts. However, Gibson could end up running around a 4.9 which would definitely impress scouts who are looking for more athletic offensive tackles. Gibson was not great at Virginia Tech, but he was solid enough while his athleticism makes him an intriguing project for many scouts and coaches. Gibson is also a high-character person that many coaches would not mind having in the locker room. The demand for more athletic offensive tackles has increased due to more athletic pass rushers, and Gibson definitely seems to have the athleticism. The NFL Combine is the perfect stage for Gibson to show of that athleticism, and don't be surprised if he does well in Indianapolis. If he does, Gibson will have a much better chance of being drafted this spring as an athletic, developmental offensive tackle.