2018 Virginia Tech Spring Football Position Changes

2018 Virginia Tech Spring Football Position Changes

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

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Mar 13, 2018

Justin Fuente and the Virginia Tech Hokies hosted their opening press conference of spring football yesterday while releasing the 2018 spring roster. This roster and press conference revealed that a few players either have made or may be making position changes this spring. With that said, here's a look at a few of the notable position changes.

Caleb Farley to DB

Last spring, Caleb Farley started at defensive back before moving to wide receiver and shining during the Spring Game. Farley seemed poised to be one of the Hokies' featured wide receivers but missed all of last season after tearing an ACL during the first few days of fall camp. Many wondered if Farley would stay at wide receiver or move back to defensive back to start the spring. Despite being limited, the Hokies have decided to move Farley back from offense to defense as a defensive back. This is what Justin Fuente and Bud Foster had to say about the decision. https://twitter.com/techlunchpaild/status/973250840302686208 https://twitter.com/techlunchpaild/status/973256597387513856 If you didn't see last year at the Spring Game or via his high school tape, Farley is one of those special athletes with great size, speed, and athleticism that will make him a difference maker wherever he plays at. The Hokies' decision to move to Farley also doesn't appear to be definitive based on what Fuente said today. While Virginia Tech doesn't appear to have any plans at the moment to play Farley on both sides of the ball, Farley has the potential to play on both sides of the ball given his athletic capabilities. Personally, Farley has always seemed like a potential star at wide receiver, but wherever he does play for the Hokies, he has the skill set to be a difference maker. Caleb Farley is a special talent and will be a difference maker for the Hokies wherever he plays. This spring, Farley will once again be starting on the defensive side but his limitations will likely prevent VT from making a final decision on his position this spring.

Joe Kane to the Offensive Line

Joe Kane signed in December as a defensive tackle with many wondering if Kane would be able to factor in to the depth chart at DT especially after deciding to enroll early at Virginia Tech. Instead, Kane has already made a position change. Today's roster released revealed that Joe Kane has moved from defensive tackle to offensive line. With the position change, it is a safe bet to expect that Kane will end up redshirting during the 2018 season. We've seen the Hokies move defensive linemen to the offensive line before and have success whether it came early on or later in their times in Blacksburg like Wyatt Teller and Yosuah Nijman who were recruited at DL or Wade Hansen who was a DT that eventually moved to the OL and started at right tackle. Kane's willingness to change position this early in his collegiate career is a great statement about the trust he has in the coaching staff to put him at the best position to succeed. However, Kane has a lot of work ahead in order to begin pushing for playing time on a depth chart with plenty of guys who have been in the program for multiple years. While Joe Kane isn't a guy to expect on the depth chart this fall, he's someone who we may see in a couple of years become the next successful VT offensive lineman who was recruited as a defensive lineman.

Kyle Chung Possibly to Center

Kyle Chung is appropriately listed as an offensive lineman on the depth chart as Chung could end up anywhere along the offensive line. When asked about Chung, Justin Fuente mentioned how last year's starting right tackle will spend some time at center this spring. https://twitter.com/RickyLaBlue/status/973252333911052289 With center being open due to Eric Gallo's graduation, the Hokies will give Chung some reps at center to see if he could be the answer. Back in 2016, Chung was the backup behind Gallo but while Chung was a solid blocker, he struggled as a blocker and after briefly losing his job, Gallo eventually regained his job. There is no doubt that Chung will be a starter for Virginia Tech next season, but his versatility and the vacancies along the offensive line make his position unclear. His position could also depend on what other guys step up and therefore, whether the greater need ends up being at right tackle, left guard, or center. What is clear is that the Hokies are happy to have Chung back for a sixth year in part because of his "leadership and work ethic" as Justin Fuente mentioned in yesterday's press conference.

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