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2024 Four-Star QB Tyler Aronson Recaps "Great" Virginia Tech Visit

Tyler Aronson June 2022 VT Visit

Weeks after receiving an offer from the Hokies, 2024 four-star QB Tyler Aronson from Florida made his first trip to Virginia Tech this past weekend that went quite well as he told us and shared on social media.

Aronson said that it was a "great" visit to Virginia Tech and "better than expected" while also expanding on why it was a great visit for him.

"Honestly, everything! The campus was great. The coaches were great!" Aronson said.

So what did Aronson do during his visit?

"The first day we had the photo shoot, toured some of the football facilities, then I threw for coach (Brad) Glenn and coach (Brian) Crist. Then we went to dinner with the coaches. The second day, we toured the rest of the facilities and stadium, toured the campus and met coach Crist for dinner," Aronson said.

He had this to say about how his time with QBs coach Brad Glenn went

"Great! He’s a really great guy!" Aronson said.

He also had this to say about how time went with senior analyst Brian Crist.

"Great as well, he’s really personable. They were both easy to get along with," Aronson said.

So what stood out the most to Aronson during his first visit to Virginia Tech?

"Probably how personable all the coaches are. From Coach (Brent) Pry to everyone else," Aronson said.

So how did this visit impact Aronson's recruitment and where Virginia Tech stands in it?

"It definitely increased my interest in Virginia Tech!" Aronson said. "The overall experience was better than we expected it to be."

After recently being offered by Virginia Tech, Aronson made his first trip up to the school where he had uncles of his go to with the Hokies and their coaches blowing away Aronson and making a strong, in-person impression.

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