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2025 Three-Star QB Roy Thomas Jenkins Recaps Virginia Tech Visit

Roy Thomas Jenkins 1 VT Visit June 2023

Virginia Tech has continued to be busy on the recruiting trail even after a loaded official visit and camp weekend with 2025 three-star QB Roy Thomas Jenkins out of Beaumont, Texas visiting Blacksburg on Monday.

His visit went quite well as he shared with us.

"It was a really special place. Coach (Tyler) Bowen and Coach (Brian) Crist spent the whole day with me and it was amazing. Every coach and player was super welcoming and very personal. (Head) Coach (Brent) Pry has really created a culture that permeates through the whole organization," Jenkins said.

So what did Jenkins do during his visit to Blacksburg?

"Every staff member, player, and coach went above and beyond to make you feel welcome. We toured all the facilities which were second to none. The stadium was amazing! I could feel the energy as I was standing on the field. I loved seeing all the Michael Vick features around the facility. He was super fun to watch! I got to talk with Kyron Drones, who is from Texas as well as me. He told me that Virginia Tech is a special place," Jenkins said.

As Jenkins told us, he got to spend some time with Kyron Drones, the transfer from Baylor who is from Texas originally like Jenkins. The Beaumont QB had this to say about his time with Drones.

"It was awesome. I got to see him throw the ball around a little bit in the indoor and he can spin it! It was also good talking to him at lunch about Texas high school football," Jenkins said.

Unsurprisingly, Jenkins spent lots of time with offensive coordinator Tyler Bowen and had this to say about

"We spent about an hour in the film room going over their concepts and how I would fit in their offense. We have built a great relationship over the past couple weeks, because he came and saw me throw at my high school and we have been staying in touch since. I love him because he doesn’t sugarcoat anything and is totally honest with you. Overall, he is just a great guy that I would love to play for," Jenkins said.

He also spent lots of time with offensive analyst Brian Crist and had this to say about how that went.

"He was great. He was the one that got in touch with me first when Virginia Tech just started recruiting me. I thought it was awesome because he is from Blacksburg and knows it’s a special place. It was very interesting getting to hear him talk about the university on the tour," Jenkins said.

So how did this visit impact his recruitment and view of Virginia Tech?

"It definitely puts them in my top schools. Hopefully, I can make it back for a game this fall and experience the real deal. I would also love to be there for Enter Sandman. It will be cool to watch even as a college football fan," Jenkins said.

Virginia Tech impressed Roy Thomas Jenkins on his first visit to Blacksburg with the talented Texan QB already looking forward to making a return trip this fall.

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