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The All-Time Virginia Tech Basketball Draft Details

Pre Draft

We are excited for the week ahead as we run our first ever All-Time Virginia Tech Basketball Draft as we mentioned on Twitter earlier this week.

The idea to do an All-Time VT Basketball Draft was inspired by our friends over at The Key Play who have been having their own All-Time VT Football Draft.

Over the next seven days, we will have a six round draft plus a seventh round of head coaches being selected to fill out our rosters. The player draft does not have a specific requirement to fill specific positions so we will see teams that are more small ball and some teams that have a more traditional lineup built.

Next Sunday, after we reveal the seventh, head coach round (plus the live draft video), we will put up a poll on our Twitter feed where you can vote for which is the greatest All-Time Virginia Tech Basketball Team.

As part of our competition, The Tech Lunch Pail will be making a $250 donation to the winning team's charity of choice while each of the other three teams will receive a $100 donation the charity of their choice. We encourage you to also support the team of your choice not only by voting but also by making a donation to the charity of their choice.

With that said, the four TLPers who have teams are TLP editor/owner Tim Thomas, TLP writer Grant Atkinson, WUVT Sports Director David Cunningham, and Independent Tribune (Cabarrus County, NC) reporter Robert Irby; all of whom have either written for the TLP or currently do so.

Here are the charities that our drafters will be representing.

  • Tim: Restoration Church Relief Fund
    • The Restoration Church Relief Fund is to support those most vulnerable to the economic damages from COVID-19 and seeks to provide financial support whether that's helping covering rent, other living expenses, or financial support in other ways for the most vulnerable in the Roanoke Valley. Make sure to check the "Restoration Relief Fund" to ensure your giving goes to the right place.
  • Robert: Charlotte Rescue Mission
    • The Charlotte Rescue Mission supports those struggling with addiction recover and achieve long-term sobriety along with finding stable employment and housing, and build healthy relationships in the Charlotte area
  • David: Comfort Zone Camp
    • Comfort Zone Camp provides support and a safe, healing environment for children grieving the loss of a parent, sibling, and/or primary caregiver; and is based out of Richmond, VA. The organization was founded by Lynne Hughes, the mother of former TLPer Evan Hughes
  • Grant: Salvation Army COVID-19 Fund
    • The Salvation Army's COVID-19 Fund is looking to support the most vulnerable across the country who are most at the risks to the numerous effects from the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary measures to contain this virus.

Feel free to reach out to us here at The Tech Lunch Pail on our social media pages if you're looking for more information on the charities we are supporting during this.

This will be a snake draft with myself, Tim Thomas, receiving the first overall pick followed by Robert Irby, David Cunningham, and Grant Atkinson in that order.

You will also see our graphics updated regularly throughout the week with many thanks to Liam Sment for designing and assembling our impressive graphics package.

We know the past several weeks have been tough and hope this will be a small, enjoyable boost to your daily reading, and maybe inspire you to put together your own version of an All-Time VT Basketball team or share your own personal memories of your favorite VT Basketball players. If that's the case for you, we would love for you to share those with us on our social media channels.

Stay up with each round with the links below that will be updated throughout the week.

Round 1 (5/18)

Round 2 (5/19)

Round 3 (5/20)

Round 4 (5/21)

Round 5 (5/22)

Round 6 (5/23)

Head Coach Round (5/24)

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