Buzz Williams Praises Landers Nolley's Family in Eligibility Dispute

By: Matthew Atkins | @mattkins21 | Dec 20, 2018
With the NCAA basketball season now over six weeks in, Virginia Tech fans have yet to see freshman guard Landers Nolley take the court. Nolley has been out for the beginning of the season due to an NCAA eligibility issue, and head coach Buzz Williams addressed the issue on Wednesday night. “There’s still an initial eligibility deal that we’re trying to figure out,” Williams said. “It hasn’t been resolved and I don’t know exactly when it will be.” While that doesn’t seem like great news for Virginia Tech, Williams did elaborate a bit more on the situation, saying that he feels that he and his staff have done all they can to try to resolve the issue. “The things that we can control in this situation, 1000 percent we have done over the top,” Williams said. “The right thing, the best thing, I guess I could be the coach that would complain about the officials or the NCAA and I just think that that’s ego that’s doing that. I think that what we can control, we’ve done an over-the-top manner of doing right.” The situation has dragged on for the opening month and a half of the season, and while the Hokies could certainly benefit from Nolley’s presence on the court, Williams says he’s learned from the ordeal. Tech’s head coach praised Nolley’s family for how they have handled the eligibility dispute, specifically highlighting his dad’s attitude during this time. “I’ve learned so much from Landers’ dad as a dad in how he has handled this relative to his son,” Williams said. “That’s probably been the thing that I’ve learned the most is how he has handled this as a dad.” The Hokies will be back on the court on Dec. 28 against Maryland Eastern Shore. Only time will tell if Nolley will be allowed to participate with the team for that Friday’s game.

Photo Credit: Harley Taylor