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Cal Poly Transfer DT Myles Cecil Visiting Virginia Tech Soon

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Since offering Cal Poly grad transfer DT Myles Cecil back in early February, Virginia Tech has been a major player in his transfer recruitment with the Hokies being in a strong position at the moment.

When asked which schools is he actively considering, Cecil told us that Virginia Tech is among four schools along with Vanderbilt, Syracuse, and Auburn with Auburn being the lone school that hasn't offered him yet.

Cecil told us that he talks to "everyone on the defensive staff" with the Hokies being in contact about 3-4 times per week. One of the coaches who Cecil has built a strong relationship with is DL coach J.C. Price as he described to us.

"He's absolutely hilarious. I think it's pretty good," Cecil said. "I think it's due to the ability to have transparent conversations."

Defensive coordinator Chris Marve has also been involved in Cecil's recruitment on Tech's end with Cecil appearing to have a good relationship with him mentioning that Marve is "very funny."

Looking ahead, Myles Cecil told us that he is planning to visit Virginia Tech "the last week of March or first of April." He also has plans to visit Vanderbilt in mid-March with Cecil targeting mid April for when he'd like to "have it all figured out."

So what will be the key factors for Cecil when he makes his decision?

"Relationship with coaches, ability to be impactful, and a coach that can bring out the best in me," Cecil said.

One of the interesting things with Cecil is the fact that despite he is a California native and was a standout at Cal Poly, this is an east of the Mississippi River recruiting battle. Given that in mind, Tech definitely is an intriguing team to watch given how the Hokies definitely have room in their DT rotation to get a fourth guy to pair with Mario Kendricks, Norell Pollard, and Josh Fuga with the chance to compete for a starting job.

The fact that Cecil already has his eyes set on visiting Blacksburg and Nashville seems to point to some slight separation for Virginia Tech and Vanderbilt. Auburn is definitely though lurking with it being unknown if they will offer or not given their very recent interest as Cecil told us that he started hearing from Auburn "this week."

Virginia Tech is right in the hunt for Myles Cecil with the Hokies having a great opportunity looming within the next month.

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