Post-Commitment Q&A With Virginia Tech Three-Star DT Commit Mario Kendricks

Post-Commitment Q&A With Virginia Tech Three-Star DT Commit Mario Kendricks

Tim Thomas | @TimThomasTLP

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Jul 04, 2018

Virginia Tech gained a pair of Florida defensive line commitments in June including one from three-star DT Mario Kendricks this past weekend. Since the Hokies offered Kendricks, Virginia Tech made him a top defensive line priority and was quite happy to receive a commitment from him. Recently, we had the chance to catch up with Mario Kendricks who told us why he committed to Virginia Tech, talked about his relationship with fellow Florida DL and VT commit Norell Pollard, and more.

Q: Why did you commit to Virginia Tech?

A: "They play in a big conference and produce great defensive linemen. Also, the games are always filled with fans. They’ve played in a numerous amount of bowls games. I also have a good connection with Charley Wiles."

Q: What was unique about Virginia Tech that separated them from your other offers?

A: "The coaching staff and the way they work with their players."

Q: How important was your relationship with Charley Wiles in making your decision?

A: "It was very important because it’s not like he just started recruiting me, he’s been recruiting me since 10th grade."

Q: How important was your visit in choosing Virginia Tech?

A: "I felt like it was important because I really know what I’m getting into when I get there."

Q: How impactful was your relationship with Norell Pollard on your decision?

A: "Very impactful, we just agreed on a lot of things and knew it was the right move."

Q: How appealing was the opportunity to play early as a DT at Virginia Tech?

A: "It’s a great feeling knowing it and then knowing I have some big shoes to fill makes it more exciting, but Coach Wiles told me I’m going to have to come in and work my tail off because nothing is guaranteed."

Q: How do you feel your style of play fits in VT's defense?

A: "I would say it’s a perfect fit knowing that they make plays with their DTs. It's the same thing I’m doing in high school right now instead of just clogging up the gap."

Q: What would you tell a future (2020 or later) defensive lineman that's considering VT?

A: "I would tell them that they’re going to have to fill in some big shoes, and they’re going to have to come in and work if they want to see the field. Also, I’ll tell them that Virginia Tech is a beautiful place to be and that they’ll love to be around the coaches." Thanks to Mario Kendricks for joining us to talk about his commitment.

Photo Credit: Mario Kendricks

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